ANAL FISTULA, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the abnormal opening of the end of the rectum with the outside.
Most fistulas are the result of an anal abscess.

The purpose of the fistula is to open an alternative waste outlet channel.

The sphincter is symbolically associated with a male function, therefore, it relates to the father and can be interpreted as a way of avoiding the father’s orders and norms.
If I present a fistula, it means that I have lived an experience that for me was dirty, painful, disappointing and that has caused me a great state of anger and sadness.
I feel deeply wounded by an offense, infamy, disgrace, an affront that I have received and that forces me to live in a state of deep bitterness.
Unconsciously, I want to preserve the “residues” of that painful past so as not to forget it, not to let go of that pain, those emotions, and this makes me live in a strong feeling of revenge, which turns against myself, through the fistula.
“It destroyed my life”,
“After that, I can no longer trust”,
“I can no longer trust men, women, in life”,
“I don’t know where to put my ass, I feel out of place”

Conflict of identity: I must avoid the pressure of the authority that does not allow me to be myself or mark my territory.

If at present I had not had any of the experiences mentioned, I have to review my genealogical tree and look in my double stories referring to acts of sodomy, incest, abuse, rape, etc.
We need to understand that each experience makes us stronger, emotionally and spiritually.
We have to learn to let go, to forget the past.
For this it is necessary that we forgive and that we forgive ourselves, in this way we can continue trusting in life.

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