Nowadays there are countless modalities for treating illnesses. 
From  ancient ones such as Ayurveda or Acupuncture to the newest modalities such as Allopathic Medicine (uses drugs, surgery), psycho-decoding (transpersonal psychology and biological decoding of illness) , bioenergetics, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), massage therapy, Reiki, Crystal therapy, homeopathy, osteopathy, reflexology, etc., each one of these techniques, offering to do wonders for our health. 
We hear spectacular stories of people recovering their health through this or that method; there is a myriad of options.
Which one should we choose?
Does it really make a difference which of these healing techniques we choose?

Is there one that we could consider the “perfect treatment”?

There are methods that seem to be effective only in certain people and not in others. 
The “perfect treatment” for me might not work for somebody else.
It is very important that we learn to use our discernment because there are so many people willing to share their healing techniques with us, some of which border on being miraculous.
Isn’t it having faith in a certain technique, the therapist and oneself what determines the above-mentioned difference? 
Each patient should choose the treatment that is most compatible with his views/beliefs and that in which he is willing to deposit his trust. 
From my point of view, the perfect treatment will be the one that helps the patient to solve the problem he had.
Among all the existing techniques, some will help us relax, some will reduce stress or alleviate our pain, and some will allow us to go deeper within ourselves, but none of them will heal us automatically. 
The various techniques can help us to remove the barriers that prevent us from healing and can also motivate our own desire to heal. In short, these techniques can contribute to creating a proper environment so that we can access our own healing energy.
But, it is always the body itself, through Consciousness, which holds the healing, not the healing technique. 

Healing is not a special gift that comes from the outside, it is an internal ability that we all have for our personal use.

In the same way that nobody can walk, breathe or eat for us, no one has the power to heal us. 
No one can take our place in this process; each individual has the power to control his selfish desires, confusion, despair and lack of awareness. 
Transcending illness is something that only a sick person can do, since, he or she will be the only one capable of attaining a higher truth in regards to that condition, to be able then, to rise above the conflict, beyond the imbalance it produces to a superior state of peace and equilibrium. 
Understanding is the only tool that brings a solution to our problems and facilitates necessary changes in our lives. 
Healing is, above all, knowing and understanding ourselves.  

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