ANAL FISSURE, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a kind of “cut” that forms on the inside of the anus and usually bleeds, as it is constantly being opened.
The fissure is like a greater opening so that something that we have wanted to retain comes out.
Conflict of territory and identity: Difficulties with one’s own identity.
I am aware that I am not respected, recognized, loved or valued for my way of being, for my character or for my sex.

Conflict with the mother: I have lost hope of getting rid of her, detaching myself from her.

So how should I be? “My identity is like erased”
What do I have to do to make them love me?
How can I avoid being cheated?
Why don’t you introduce me to her family?
“For me, you are no longer anything, no; you are no longer my man or my daughter, etc.
I don’t know what I really want? I definitely stop begging for love.

It is absolutely imperative that I learn to live for myself and stop trying to please others.

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Joman Romero

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