BONE MARROW OR CORE, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a soft substance that is inside the bones.

Stem cells, capable of producing all blood cells, nest in the bone marrow:

The bone marrow has to do with the meaning that is given or received from life, as well as the blood ties.

It represents the family.

The bone marrow is affected after a profound and absolute devaluation conflict.

“Life no longer has meaning”, “My life is worth nothing”, “Nobody cares if I live or not”

We must take into account the part of the body (bone) where it appears.

It is always about a deep devaluation with respect to the clan, to the family that has to do with affection and security.

Spinal dysplasia: It is caused by a devaluation conflict with respect to the world around us.

If it affects elderly people: it manifests itself through a deep depression that leads the person to despair, they do not have the strength to move forward and, in addition, they resist being helped.

“The world around me sucks”

Multiple myeloma: It appears after a very deep devaluation arisen in the family environment.

“I feel like I’m worthless”, “I shouldn’t go on living”, “My family doesn’t love me”

This great devaluation probably occurred when she was inside her mother’s womb, due to a conflict experienced by her and that she unconsciously projected onto her baby.

Or, perhaps, it comes from childhood, through experiences in which she did not come to feel valued by her parents or caregivers, despite the great effort they made with the sole purpose of being loved and recognized.

These actions led him to feel like a victim of others and of life.

These people have to assume that their parents only brought to light the lack of acceptance and love towards themselves, so that they would become aware and embark on the path towards self-assessment.

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