ALOPECIA, emotional and spiritual meaning

As the hair is an additional protection of the skin, the fact of losing it is an indication that the person is losing what “protects” it. 
After an event or decision, this person does not feel protected and has many fears, including that of not being able to cope alone. It is also difficult for him to ask for the protection of others.
Perhaps that is why it is possible that she tries to protect those around her to hide her fear of not being protected.

A general or partial loss of hair occurs after a separation conflict accompanied by a devaluation and a loss of protection.

Or, perhaps, due to a problem of separation, together with a conflict of injustice experienced intellectually (by way of betrayal). “There is something or someone that horrifies me”
It can indicate that we are living a conflict of incommunicado and horrible misunderstanding because we are not on the same intellectual level.
On the other hand, alopecia can appear in the place where someone was caressed by another person, after missing that caress, that is, a tactile separation occurs.
It is also likely that it appears where we caressed an animal (the dog for example), after it left us.
In the same way, alopecia can be caused by a conflict of lack of recognition of our father (real or symbolic): the head of the work, teacher, uncle, grandfather, tutor, etc. 
We will have to find out if among our relationships there is someone who doubles our father. 

Many times it happens that the husband or wife of the person is doubles of the father. Or maybe friends, cousins, co-workers, etc.

Then the devaluation on the part of the father is unconscious. You have to find the “father” and locate the devaluation.
According to the affected areas:
Nape: It means that we have experienced a loss of protection and as a consequence, we feel insecure.
Chaplet: It indicates that we have experienced a separation and loss of protection in a climate of devaluation of oneself, in relation to the father, to a precise intellectual or moral or religious issue.

In the same way, alopecia can be manifested by an excess of wanting to control everything to hide or counteract one’s own fears.

Temporo-frontal: In this part of the head, it shows us an intellectual devaluation; we try very hard to want to find solutions with the mind. “I’m worried, I think a lot…”
Alopecia areata: (round alopecia plaques) the main conflict is loss or denial of ties with someone or something. 
Very usually, it has been as a consequence of having suffered a separation from our father (real or symbolic), or because we do not feel recognized by him and this has devalued us.

Or, perhaps, we have lost protection because we have experienced a separation, from something or someone, and it makes me feel dirty.

Similarly, it can mean that we have lost our roots and feel unprotected because of it. “I have lost my roots and I suffer a lot because of it
If I am losing a large amount of hair, I must analyze why I am afraid of “losing something” or “someone”. It is necessarily related to a loss of strength that I am suffering as a result of my fear of losing that which strengthens me.
Maybe I am afraid of losing my job or I am already losing it.
Maybe I am afraid of losing my husband or, maybe I am afraid of losing my children or I am already losing them, etc.
I may well be losing hair from something I did, that caused someone close to me to lose something or is losing something.
The cause of hair loss cannot be found at the present moment, to find out we must go back in memory a minimum of three months ago and look for it at that time.

If you are suffering from alopecia, whatever it is, sit down for a minute to analyze your life and find what your 3 conflicts are: separating, devaluation and/or loss of protection.

At a certain point we have felt unprotected and we must regenerate that protection.
First, we must eliminate what does not serve us and then, replace it with a new protection (new hair).
Find out once and for all why you haven’t been able to tell how strong you are. 
Stop losing hair and enjoy life loving you.
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  1. Alex

    Hi could you please get in touch with me to further discuss these insights regarding the father figure and feeling alone. I would very much appreciate it and will pay to make your time worthwhile. Thanks

    1. Joman Romero

      Hello Alex, I am very sorry, but my level of English is elementary and it would not be possible to do a therapy. Good luck. Regards