THIGHS, emotional and spiritual meaning

They are the second segment of the lower limb located between the waist and the leg.
The symbolic function of the thighs is to give impulse to the legs to move forward.
Displacement (structure) and movement (musculature) functions.
Not all the trips we make are what we want to do.
There are movements that we make, so as not to do things that we do not want, and that small difference will determine which thigh or which region of the thighs we damage with our emotion.
They are also related to sexuality (coverage and contact). 

When the discomfort is located in the groin, it indicates that we are experiencing an emotional conflict related to the couple, the couple relationships, with a sexual tonality. 

Having fat thighs tightly packed between my legs, I unconsciously block the energy in this place and my sexuality is protected.
A situation of devaluation and impotence related to displacement and pleasure, such as, for example, having to pursue a partner who does not allow themselves to be caught.
If it affects the right leg (or left for lefties): I have to go in one direction and I don’t want to.
“I was forced to leave my loved ones”
If it’s about the left leg (right for lefties): I want to go somewhere and I can’t.

When the pain is in the back of the thigh: it expresses to us that the direction with which we have the conflict is known.

If the pain is installed on the anterior part: it indicates that the emotional conflict is related to the future.
If the pain affects the internal side: in the right leg (left for left-handed people) it indicates that we are living a forced situation of separation from our loved ones.
“I was forced to leave my parents”
When it comes to the left leg (right for lefties): it transmits to us that we are immersed in a separation that entails danger. “It is dangerous for me to remain with my family, I must move away, separate myself”
Psoas: thigh flexor muscle. Any discomfort in the psoas tells us that we are experiencing an emotional conflict of helplessness and opposition at the same time.

I feel compelled to go towards a contact that I do not want or, on the contrary, I feel compelled to flee from a relationship.

Psoas major: I do not want to go into that contact because it intends to dirty or destroy me.
Impotence from feeling attacked at the same time from several fronts.
Minor Psoas: If I feel discomfort, it shows me that I am experiencing a sexual devaluation with my partner with a tinge of dirt and deception.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I may have a mental resistance barrier that prevents me from fully expressing or finding the direction that I want.
Once we are aware of the emotional cause that affects this part of our body,
it is necessary that we transcend our ideas, beliefs, fears or character to regain our health.

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