STOMACH, emotional and spiritual meaning

The stomach is an important organ in digestion; it is the first that receives, through the esophagus, raw food that has just been prepared by chewing the mouth.
Afterwards, it mixes and dissolves these ingested foods, thanks to the gastric juices that it secretes and prepares them for the assimilation process. 
Thus, the stomach is the organ that takes care of the “material” aspect of digestion; with it the process of digestion really begins, in the broad sense of digesting one’s own reality, the events and emotions that take place in life, and food. 
This is where longings, unfulfilled desires, worldly pressures, and external conflicts are first assimilated.
The stomach is emotionally tied to food, love, affection, survival, reward, and the mother.
We substitute our need for affection and love for food in moments of loss, separation or death, or to mitigate economic or material tensions, etc.

If I present any symptoms in the stomach, I have necessarily lived or continue to live, an emotional conflict related to emotionally indigestible situations, impossible to accept, tolerate, allow (digest).

What I should look for is: What emotional food could I not digest?While I was eating I experienced an emotion that I cannot digest. What toxic emotional food I can not digest?
Stomach problems are very often related to the “daily bread”, that is, they mainly concern the material aspects of life, whether in the workplace or in the emotional sphere.
They indicate to us that we are distressed and that we feel insecure because we have difficulties in controlling the material world.
We are worried about economic, emotional, professional, school or judicial setbacks and we do not stop thinking about it in an obsessive way, since we have a lot of anxiety for the future.

What situation or person was it difficult for you to accept before the stomach problem appeared?

Who do you not tolerate or do not support as he is, and you want him to change?
What circumstance of your life is intolerable to you?
Do I reluctantly accept the impositions of others?
And of course, depending on the degree of stress that I am suffering, it will be the severity of the symptom that I present. I can start with gastritis, go to an ulcer and end with stomach cancer.
Píloro: It is the door of the stomach. Who watches the door, who watches over it, who protects it?
Pyloric stenosis: “Assimilating is dangerous for me”.

Stomach cancer: we will always have to look for stories of “filth” that other people have done to us, situations that we did not expect.

It can manifest itself due to some economic setback (not being able to appropriate an inheritance that belongs to him, not receiving the profits that correspond to him in a company, compensation or judgment, etc.).
In the same way, we can suffer from stomach cancer when we suffer a conflict of territorial disagreement with a person whom it is impossible for us to avoid (family environment, work, neighbours, etc.).
“I cannot digest it, I cannot digest the” bite “that they impose on me,” I have swallowed it, but I cannot digest it.”
In most cases it is related to some “filth” that we may have suffered.

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