ECZEMA OR ATOPIC DERMATITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning


It is an acute or chronic inflammation of the skin caused by erythema, exudation, scabs, etc. It can cause burning in the area.
This inflammation occurs to repair epidermal tissue after ulceration.
Eczema appears after a more or less intense contact break situation.

This separation can refer to a loved one, family, a pet, an object, an idea, etc., and it can be caused by a divorce, accident, separation, death, etc.

The place where the eczema appears will provide us with the exact information to find out its origin.
For example, if eczema affects the sole of the foot: it tells me about a conflict of separation from my mother, real or symbolic, motherland, land, social security, etc.
In the crease of the knee: it indicates to me a separation from someone who is leaving, who I see leaving and I cannot help it.
In the hands: it refers to being separated from something that I do with my hands.
The palm symbolically represents the father; therefore, it may be a conflict of separation from the father figure.

If it affects the mouth: it may be a conflict of separation from someone, whom I want to continue kissing.

“I will never be able to kiss her again”
If eczema is located in the crease of the elbow: it tells me that I feel separated from someone’s hug or that I do not want to hug.
When it affects the outside of the elbow, it indicates that I feel detached from a job.
When eczema is around the navel: it expresses to me that I am separated from my mother regarding the food she gives me.
On the forearm: it tells me that I want to separate.

If it manifests in the armpit: it warns me that I am separated from what I really want to protect.

If eczema affects the chin: this is considered the center of emotion and indicates that I find impediments to make myself heard in a situation of separation.
When eczema manifests on a woman’s left breast it may be related to a mother/child break-up conflict; if it is the right breast the affected one tells us about a conflict of sentimental separation (couple) or a loved one.
In the head (seborrheic dermatitis) it usually expresses the annoyance we feel when our ability to command is questioned, or when our ideas are not recognized and accepted.
It can also express I have to be seen and at the same time I want to hide.
“I want my work to be seen, to be recognized, but I don’t like to stand out.
If the affected person is the face, it can mean great discomfort with me and with the image I project.
“I feel separated from my image or my identity”

Eczema in children is linked to fear related to the security or insecurity of the maternal bond.

“I am separated from my mother.”
When this happens, a generalized eczema occurs throughout the body, since a separation for a child represents a vital conflict, and therefore affects the globality of being.
Seborrheic dermatitis in babies: It is usually related to difficult deliveries and, as a consequence, the baby feels separated from the mother.

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    1. Charmaine

      I have seborrheic dermatitis since 2020 around my nose nostrils and sides crease line of my nose & sides of chin area… not on my mouth. What would this mean?

      1. Joman Romero

        Hello, since it affects the skin, it is always a contact/separation conflict and the place where it manifests is related to smell. Look for any conflict related to this before it appears on your face. Regards.

  1. Mr Asj

    It's a nice article. Everyone should read. Thanks for sharing. For more amazing information you may get from this link Eczema