SKIN, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The skin, although we are not aware of it, is the largest organ of the body, the one that surrounds us and serves as a border between ourselves and others.

Skin is precisely what separates us, but can also unite us. It represents our limitations, because we cannot get out of the skin, and the image that the human being has of himself.

The skin is made up of three overlapping layers.
The most superficial is the epidermis, then comes, the dermis (the leather in animals) and, in the deepest part, is the hypodermis.
About 1.5 million skin cells die each day and are shed to form 90% of the dust.
Among the most important functions of the skin are the following:
Protection: It protects us from microbial and material attacks (heat, dirt, etc.).
Contact: (feel) through the skin we are in contact with the world around us, from the simple caress to the blow we give ourselves, we perceive it through the skin.
Breathing: Helps the lungs in assimilating energy from the air, each pore of the skin absorbs oxygen additionally.
Elimination: through the skin we dispose of substances that the body does not need in the form of sweat.
Thermoregulation: Acts as a temperature regulator.
Sexual stimulus: It is our largest sexual organ.

Skin problems are the sign of the difficulties of our experiences with the outside world, with our relationships, if we are affected by what others think of us, it will end up being reflected in the form of skin conditions.

The skin of a person always informs us about his psyche: a thin, smooth skin indicates a sensitive soul; while a rough skin suggests roughness of feelings.
Sweaty skin tells us about a conflict of separation and devaluation related to having received unfair accusations that make us dirty. The water serves to wash the dirt, but also to put out the fire. “I wash dishonor”
When it affects the hands, it warns us of a dirty separation with respect to manual work.
In the same way, it can manifest itself in an insecure person, who feels in danger when expressing his emotions, pleasant or unpleasant. They tend to perspire from the hands and armpits.
If sweating affects the neck, it expresses a notion of injustice.
Dry skin: (ichthyosis) clearly shows a lack of water and this represents the mother, the family references. It tells us that the person feels lonely.
“My children have already left home and are passing me by. They no longer call me or come to see me”. “My partner has passed away”

She also tells us about someone who controls her feelings, who shows an attitude that is too severe, rigid, not very soft, because she does not want to expose her vulnerability, so as not to be hurt.

“I have no protection.” “I feel alone, without love.”
Oily skin means that the person feels trapped and wants to escape (like a carp when captured) from someone or something.
“I cannot bear contact with such a person or situation”, “I don’t want to be touched anymore, I need space”
Red skin indicates excitement.
Just as when we feel itchy skin, it translates impatience, anxiety.
Blackheads: It expresses a devaluation related to aesthetics. They express my inner feeling of being dirty, “not clean,” and “not worth much,” and it indicates that I despise myself.
Stretch marks: They are like breaks in the skin.

Symbolically, they speak to us of breaking contact or separation in a relationship. It is important to take into account the biological sense of the place where it manifests.

Epidermis: Diseases that affect the epidermis are almost always related to separation conflicts; although there may also be conditions that manifest a protection conflict.
There are three kinds of separation conflicts:
1) Real separation experienced negatively.
2) Fear of separating, of being alone.
3) Lack of communication.
The region of the body where the problem has manifested will provide us with more complementary information, for example:
Mouth: conflict of the kiss, “the couple that has broken up”
Right breast: it tells us about a sentimental separation, from a partner or a loved one.
Left breast: speaks of a mother / child separation.
Knees: it translates a submission conflict to a separation, etc.
Dermis: It warns us of a conflict of dishonor, of dirt, of being stained, or, of having been attacked, destroyed in our integrity.
Hypodermic: The connective tissue of the hypodermic insulates the body, serves as an energy reserve, cushions and protects the skin and facilitates its mobility on the underlying structures. It has a cosmetic effect, shaping the body contour.

If we have problems, they indicate that we are experiencing a situation of aesthetic devaluation related to a part of our body that we consider ugly; I am not satisfied with my own silhouette.

Fluid retention: This is the accumulation of fluid, mostly water, in the body’s tissues and occurs when the body cannot properly remove excess fluid. Kidney-related conflicts (fluid or leakage).
General accumulation of fat (overweight): it translates that we have lived a conflict of abandonment (real or symbolic).
Transformation of sugars into fats: “I need love, but I don’t trust anyone. I can only count on myself”
Fat in the belly: “I want to want to continue protecting my child. If he comes out of my womb, he will be in danger”
Lipoma: Fatty cysts (fat protects). “I cannot bear the judgment of others. I put oil to slip”, “Local aesthetic devaluation and overprotection”
Other ailments:
Neurofibromatosis: These are tumors that occur in the nerves. It can affect the skin, nervous system, eyes, bones and endocrine system.
The main characteristic is that café-au-lait spots appear on the skin.
It manifests itself after an unwanted contact or that we have experienced with pain.

Most of the time it affects people who have suffered aggressions in their childhood or have been touched, groped and have not expressed it.

Pityriasis versicolor: It is a skin infection with a rash of dark spots caused by a fungus.
We have to look for any separation that has occurred in a period of strong sun (summer love or friendship) or with the father or father figure. We have suffered an attack on our way of being and it has made us dirty.
There is something that we have not buried, a duel that is not over, a separation that we have not accepted.

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