THYROID, emotional and spiritual meaning


The thyroid is a neuroendocrine gland that weighs between 15 and 30 grams and is made up of two butterfly-shaped lobes located on either side of the windpipe.
The thyroid participates in the production of hormones, especially thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).
These hormones regulate basal metabolism, affect growth and the degree of functionality of other body systems. It is through these hormones that the thyroid performs one of its main functions, managing the speed of metabolism.
That is, it produces hormones that accelerate it, making the heart go faster, digestion… or slow down the metabolism, if the production of these hormones is stopped or reduced.

The thyroid, symbolically represents the body’s biological clock, and is always linked to situations related to “time”.

For example: “I lack time”, “I don’t have time”, “Time is running out”, “I they stole time “
I feel overwhelmed by events; I cannot keep up with everything that is happening to me. I have an urgent conflict; I cannot take something that is mine.
If I have thyroid problems, it warns me that I am facing a situation of fear that comes my way and I feel powerless to solve what comes to me.
“Despite having something almost certain, I can lose it.” “I am not fast enough to achieve such a thing.” When will my turn come?

Right lobe: if it is damaged it indicates that I am not fast enough to catch a mouthful (real or symbolic).

Left lobe: if I have discomfort, it tells me that I don’t consider myself fast enough to get rid of a mouthful, “I can’t act fast enough.”
Likewise, he informs me that I feel overwhelmed by events (in the sense of time, urgency), because there are several things that need to be addressed urgently and I do not know if I will be able to achieve it.
In the same way, it warns me of my difficulty in catching something that is vital to me, that seems unattainable. “Despite having this almost certainly, I can lose it.” “I am not fast enough to achieve such a thing.” When will my turn come?
Thyroid-Excretory Channels: he tells me that I am experiencing a situation of impotence: “I am tied hand and foot and I cannot act on something urgent” “You have to do something and nobody does anything”

In the same way, it warns me of a frontal fear of a danger, an attack and I cannot warn, give the alert, on the contrary, I stay in place when danger arrives.

He also informs me of my fear of fighting, because I feel powerless. “I cannot overcome the obstacle.
I have a habit of always waiting until the last minute to do something and then I realize that I am not going to get it.
It also shows me my fear when facing problems. “Can’t anyone do anything fast?”
Thyroid – follicular tissue: I cannot get or catch the prey, the mouthful, etc. I’m slow (the bite can be a boyfriend, a promotion, a car, etc.).
Anaplastic carcinoma: I am losing my place in the world; the only option that seems feasible is to die quickly.
Follicular carcinoma: he expresses to me that I must protect my family quickly because the danger is within my house.

Medullary Carcinoma: He tells me about feeling a great devaluation for not being quick enough to save myself or someone from a catastrophe.

Papillary carcinoma: it signals to me that I need to flee from danger quickly (female solution).
Decreased concentration of somatotropin (STH): it tells me that I am stuck in my intention and I am not acting, perhaps due to impotence. “I intend to get it, but I will never get it”
Goiter and multinodular goiter: Enlargement of the thyroid gland with or without inflammation of the glandular tissue.
Thyroid nodules increase thyroid function to speed up metabolism, which gives a sense of urgency and a need to speed up time.

That allows us to get out of a situation or get to something, more quickly.

“I feel powerless, hand and foot tied”, “Someone should do something, but nobody does anything”, “I always wait until the end to act”, “I feel that life, or something, or someone, hangs me”
Each nodule corresponds to a different conflict. “I want to move, but I can’t”, “I need to act quickly in a dangerous situation and I do nothing”, “I should have acted quickly and did nothing” For example: a girl falls and hits her head, her parents only comfort her, hours later she falls into a coma.
Euthyroid goiter: I am afraid of being strangled and lack protection.
Parathyroid: Its hormones are calcitonin and parathormone.
Calcium accelerates certain vital biological processes.
“I think I’m not doing enough, I can’t do what it takes, to catch the bite”, “I want to get the bite fast and spit it out”, “I want to get away from it fast, spit it out”, “I can’t spit in his face”

“My parents want to subdue me; i find it difficult to find the balance (phosphocalcium) between my parents and me”

Thyroid cancer: it warns me of having experienced a strong devaluation due to impotence in the face of an urgent situation in which I felt overwhelmed by events and was not able to catch a big mouthful.
“I don’t feel solid enough at the level of my structure”,
“I need to be strong, I need to be supported, but I don’t have anyone to do it”
Cancer is always a long-term conflict that we consider to be of vital importance.
Thyroid sufferers feel that they can never do what they really want, they do not have time for themselves.
In addition, they live with the feeling of feeling humiliated or else, they think that what they do is humiliating.

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