ZOSTER, emotional and spiritual causes

Herpes zoster or zone is a skin condition of infectious origin that is characterized by a very painful rash in the path of a sensitive nerve, accompanied by burning sensations.
The zoster tends to occur more often in people who have had chickenpox in the past, so it can be considered a relapse. 
The adult who suffers from this skin condition is as if he had not understood and integrated the message of his childhood suffering in terms of his responsibility to defend himself from others and would like to call attention to someone to take care of him and feed him as if he were a child.

The zoster or zone can translate the anger I feel at a situation or a certain person.

I have the feeling of having been harmed in my living space, by having to drag me, or by not being able to live the life I want. 
What is happening to me burns me, but I lack the courage to face it.
It manifests as a consequence of having suffered a separation conflict that, in some cases, is usually associated with a situation of dirt, stain, (I have been offended, humiliated, belittled). I have felt attacked and I live a deep bitterness.
“I feel dirty and humiliated because they don’t hug me”,

“I feel dirty and humiliated because they don’t want to have sex with me”

If the experience relates to something that is difficult for me to see or accept, it will affect the ophthalmic area; if it is related to my image or identity, it will be presented in the facial area; or if it affects my daily life on a personal or professional level, it will show up in the intercostal space.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Since my nervous system is increasingly affected by the way I live this situation, I have to learn to relax.

I must stop controlling myself so much, to contain my anger, the grudges and learn to accept the disappointments and the betrayals.

I accept my sensitivity as it is part of me.
I am willing to forgive and “move on to something else”

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  1. Shilpa

    A nice and precise thought about the herpes zoster which is maybe just one another form of the manifestation of many.

  2. K.L.

    I had this when I was 12: Rare for a child. I was living with an alcoholic mother and had a strict father (they were divorced). There was no way to escape and I was angry at not being listened to when I said I was overwhelmed and struggling in school and life. What I said did not matter. At 36 I would be diagnosed with Asperger’s, anxiety, and ptsd. I also have had hypothyroidism since middle school. Now I may have Leukemia. Based on all your metaphysical explanations– every part of my struggles have been accurate. What gets me, is how so much is asked of us from an energetic stand point- for instance, how is a child to take responsibility and face these fears, to heal these illnesses with no support or way out? It happens in adulthood when shit royally hits the fan. I am strong as hell, and yet letting go and softening can be like giving up. Being a human with ancestral trauma in our lines, a society that has lost sensitivity and empathy in large, and yet we are called to find compassion and seek like minds and heal. This is indeed a tall order- one that most do not get to make it out alive while trying.