ARTERIES, emotional and spiritual meaning



An artery is each of the vessels that carry oxygenated blood (except for the pulmonary arteries) from the heart to other parts of the body.
They are born from a ventricle; its walls are very resistant and elastic.
Symbolically, the function of the arteries is to carry food (love) home (heart).

When there is any symptom or anomaly in the arteries, it means that I am living a devaluation conflict.

Something or someone limits me in relation to things that I want to do or love to do, I am prepared to act, but I do not take action.
“I have the energy and the desire, but I do not step into action”, “I am closed to love”
We must pay attention to the area of ​​the body in which the artery is damaged to obtain more specific information. .
Carotids: the function of the carotid is to carry blood (food, family or something in the family) to the brain (linked to the intelligentsia).
He expresses to me that I am living in an environment of devaluation.
“I do not feel supported by my father, by my family”,
I must be constantly fighting because my father or my family do not trust my ideas and that makes me doubt myself.

It can also indicate to me that I am afraid of losing or have lost distant intellectual territory.

“My ideas have been stolen”, “I have lost my intellectual territory”, “I must defend my ideas”,
Artery close to the thyroid:it warns me of a conflict related to the possible loss of a territory that I must solve urgently.
Pulmonary arteries and aorta: they tell me about the loss of a distant territory. “I lost a distant territory”, “My territory is scattered”
Coronary arteries: they alert me to the possible loss of a territory or its content.
Likewise, it can also be linked to a biological conflict of sexual frustration.
In the head: it tells me about someone in the family who is leaving or, perhaps, I am the one who is leaving.
Aneurysms: The artery is widened to prevent a large amount of blood from breaking it.
It occurs after having experienced a family conflict that has caused me great pain.

An aneurysm is the consequence of having accumulated a lot of pain, perhaps, for not making a vital decision at the time. 

Most of the time that decision is related to a situation of family breakdown that causes me guilt, either for having thought, planned, imagined or carried out.
Fundamentally, it is an intellectual conflict, since I do not know how to solve it and I spend my time just thinking about it.,“I long to abandon everything, but I can’t”, “I would like to ask my partner for a divorce, but it will ruin his life”, “I want my son to leave the house, but I worry what will become of him.”, “I want my mother to leave my house but, what a bad son I am”

Dissecting aneurysm: the meaning is to hide something of my clan inside myself and thus prevent the truth from being known, symbolically, so that it does not explode like the aneurysm.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I need to stop worrying about everything and learn to develop the ability to rejoice and enjoy the beautiful moments in life.
I open my heart to love and let myself be guided by life. I’m happy.

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