COLON DISEASE, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The colon is part of the digestive tract. It is the area where we finally absorb and integrate what we have ingested from outside. 
Then the waste (matter) is transported and eliminated outside to prevent the body from becoming clogged and contaminated. 
Its mission is to evacuate what the body considers useless, superfluous, and dirty.
We people must do the same with our experiences: ingest them, assimilate them, accept them, extract the teaching and move on.
The tensions and the ailments in this organ are manifested in those people who have difficulty to distance themselves, to heal and to forget certain wounds, to evacuate them and turn the page.

The problems in the large intestine or colon speak of a dirty experience (filth, dirt, meanness, treachery, etc.) that has been assimilated, in principle, but it costs us to digest, to advance and evacuate.

According to the place:
Ascendant colon: “filth” made by a member of the family who is above oneself, such as parents, grandparents, uncle, godfather, etc. or symbolically, the state.
Colon transverse: “dirty work carried out by some collateral, partner, sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.
Colon descending: “filth” from a son, nephew, grandson, godson, etc.
Lower colon: Conflict of identity or lack of recognition.
“I have no place in my territory”, “I don’t feel recognized in my family”, “I don’t know who I am within this family, this house, and clan”, “I don’t know where my site is”

Polyps: This is a specific that occurs at a time and in a given situation, but does not expand beyond that.

Each polyp refers to a specific “filth”, so if it is several polyps, they must be analyzed separately.
Colitis: “They give me affection intermittently” The affection, sometimes it is there and, other times it is not, when it is not there, the pains appear.
The person repeatedly endures indigestible things. One is solved and another begins. Because of this, no tumor occurs.
Hemorrhagic rectocolitis: It is a conflict of indigestible and extreme annoyance.
Conflict is regarding the bloodline: “crap in the clan, in the family”
“I want to leave this family or I want someone to leave my family”
“They have ripped me off and, furthermore, they blame me, it is unfair”
Irritable colon: Chronic digestive disease abdominal pain with changes in bowel rhythm, either due to constipation or diarrhea.

It expresses the “dirty things”, “crap” that we experience on a regular basis, one after the other.

It tells me the “dirty”, “crap” that I experience on a regular basis, one after the other.
He tells me that I am living a situation of submission, I find myself at the mercy of a dominant person who directs me as if I were his horse (in a context of “dirty” and family, real or symbolic). “I am forced to do things that I do not want, but I do them, knowing that I am going to end up shitting”
It can be people from my family environment who irritate me or immigrants, people with different customs or behaviors that I do not want do not know or cannot assimilate.
People with irritable bowel are often afraid to relax and feel insecure.
Cancer, which usually develops on a degenerating polyp, manifests itself after a conflict (often related to the family) caused by a vile, low, offensive action, a “filth”  ; a matter too “unpleasant” to be “digested”, something that cannot be “evacuated”.
Sometimes someone can also get this disease who feels “dirty” about being involved in a “possession” issue (a fight over money or property) that makes them feel guilty.
Rectum: Last piece of large intestine (15 cm.) That goes from the sigmoid colon to the sphincter of the anus.
Recto Superior: Annoyance that we did not evacuate, expel, often related to family.

Not wanting to forgive something we keep. “What they have done to me is too much, something disgusting, dirty”. Impurities that I want to eliminate.

Inferior rectum/anus: Identity conflicts within the territory. “My place, where I sit” “I am at the limit; my place is not within this territory”
Conflict of separation and loss within one’s own family: “I no longer know what I paint in this family, in this house,” in this clan. “I am not recognized in my family”, “I have the impression of not being at home” “I cannot manifest who I am.” I don’t know what decision to make.
Conflict of resentment inside the territory, crap that happened a long time ago and I can’t let go of it: “I don’t want to forgive, I keep it”
Fibroma in the rectum: Need to retain the mother.
Fibrosis: Fear of the mother’s death (real or symbolic).
Anal itching: Conflict of separation from my poop, from my identity, from me.

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