AKATHISIA, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a movement disorder characterized by a feeling of restlessness and a compelling need to be in constant motion. 
We may also be doing other actions such as swinging while standing or sitting; lift the feet as if we were going to leave the place, and cross and uncross the legs, while we remain seated.
People who have this symptom are unable to sit still or remain seated, they complain of anxiety and restlessness.

Akathisia can warn me that I am living in a situation from which I want to flee.

So I’m preparing for a quick reaction, like we’re warming up.
“I need to move or change things”, “I need to run away from this”,
“This is not going in the direction it should”, “I’m not going in the right direction”,
“I want to take a direction now! But, I can’t”
Sometimes it tells us about movements that we would like to be able to perform, but, for some reason, we block it.
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Image: medicalnewustoday.com

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