EARS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the organ of the sense of hearing.
They are the representation of our capacity to listen, to capture, of the receptivity and acceptance of what comes from the outside.
The faculty of hearing is a bodily expression of obedience and humility, “listening to someone”, “lending ears”, and so on.
Hearing problems indicate that we have difficulty hearing what is going on within ourselves or around us.
In the same way, they can refer to a conflict of not being able to catch an auditory mouthful (kind words).

Inner ear: When we have problems in the inner ear, we are experiencing an emotional separation conflict related to something or someone we like to listen to, or we want to get away from words that hurt us.

“I am separated or I do not want to separate myself from the words of…”
“I want to separate myself from these abusive words and that bother me in understanding my life”
Right Ear: “I can’t hear something I want to hear.” (Desire thwarted)
Left Ear: “I hear something I do not want to hear.” (Disgruntled action)
Hyperacusis: Syndrome characterized by a decreased level of tolerance for everyday sounds in the environment.
All sound seems very present and louder than it really is.
The biological sense of increasing the perception of any sound is because we have lived a situation related to something that we have heard that, in some way, has caused us pain, separation, fear, etc. and that has remained unresolved and remains installed and active inside.

Our unconscious warns us that we must be very attentive and alert to perceive in advance a danger (words, comments, etc.) that we know is very close and that can harm us.

“I must be very attentive to be able to react immediately” and avoid it being too late”
The excessive sharpness of my ears can also mean that I feel devalued because there was a moment when I was not attentive or, I did not understand some orders, instructions or a very important message and, as a consequence, it generated a big problem for me.
Likewise, it can warn us that it is essential to listen to everything that is said around us since we do not have the right to defend ourselves.
Hardness of ears: This symptom tells us that we behave inflexibly, intransigently and intolerant and, therefore, we refuse to listen to any type of criticism or correction, we think that we are superior and that we do everything better than others.

Otosclerosis: This abnormal bone growth tells us that we have experienced a situation of devaluation after having felt in danger of death due to a “great noise or roar” that left us breathless.

Méniere’s disease: This is an increase in the pressure of fluids in the inner ear. (See hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness)
Dizziness in transport: They have to do with the feeling of not being in control of our life.
With the fear of being out of control, those things are going to go wrong and not being able to do anything to change it.
It can also be due to the discrepancy or disagreement between two opposing or opposing sources of information.
For example: the inner world and the outer world, what I can and cannot control, between Mom and Dad.
Middle Ear: Through the middle ear we establish a very important bond with our mother, through the voice.

If we have a problem, it tells us that we lack emotional auditory food due to absence or my inability to capture the information that interests me.

“I have not been able to capture important information by ear”
In children: “I can’t get what I want because they don’t listen to me”,
“I can’t get them to hear what I want to say”,
“They don’t buy me a toy that I’ve asked for a long time, therefore”, “I feel like they don’t listen to me, no pay attention to me”
It may be that I do not get the love, the breast, the affection of my mother; I do not “hear” her near me.
Right ear: conflict of fear of not being able to catch the bite, the love of the mother.
Left ear: being flooded with information that must be heard.
“I can’t swallow the vital, nutritional information”
Little bones of the ear: Like all diseases related to bones, it tells us of devaluation related to something we hear and that hurts us.
Cholesteatoma: It is a benign tumor in the middle ear that develops as a consequence of having experienced a strong devaluation due to something that we hear continuously.
Example: an adolescent who every time he told her mother something, she always refuted him, undermined her confidence, reprimanded him, etc., until she stopped listening to him because she could no longer bear the devaluation.

Deafness: It indicates to me that I feel attacked by something that they say to me and I prefer, unconsciously, not to listen to it anymore.

“I isolate myself, do not bother me”,
“It is better to be deaf than to hear this”,
“I cover my ears because I do not want to be disturbed”
What do I not want to hear?
Especially what can shake the type of life that I lead, since i don´t want to change.
I am afraid of being manipulated and i prefer to close myself to the advice of others, I only want to act according to my criteria.
Sometimes I don’t know what to answer and that’s why I choose to play deaf.
It mainly affects people who are always on the defensive and who cannot bear to hear criticism.
Mucous Eustachian Tube: It is normally closed, but it opens when a person yawn or swallows, thus protecting the delicate parts of the ear from sudden changes in air pressure.

If I have it affected, it warns me that I am a person who detests and rejects conflicts, disputes, sudden changes of mind.

“I don’t want the atmosphere to change”,
“I can’t stand the storm, the arguments”
Muscular Eustachian tube: I am afraid that they will harm me, that I will do it or that they will harm someone who I perceive by my ear, the voice of my mother.
“I protect her, I don’t want anything bad to happen to her; she’s sick; dad yells at him, hits him; i want to protect her ”
“When I approach my mother, I am afraid; i protect myself from the fear of my mother, who wants to protect me”
Eardrum: If I have problems with the eardrum, it indicates that I am experiencing a conflictive emotional situation related to the lack of contact or separation of an auditory mouthful.
“I cannot catch the necessary information”,

“I am separated from a sound that bothers me, that causes me harm”

When there is a perforation of the eardrum, it can be due to being in an environment full of annoying noises and not having the ability to eliminate, disappear or stop them:
In my house everyone screams and I don’t have the courage to rebel against that.
My neighbor always has very loud music and, as much as I try, I can’t get him to turn it down.
Right Ear: “I do not hear something that I would like to hear”, (disappointed wish).
“I want to catch something”, an auditory mouthful.
Left Ear: “I hear something that, I do not want to hear” (contrary action). “Something I don’t want to lose” aurally speaking.
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