CHICKEN POX, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a classic childhood disease. It has flu-like symptoms, plus some lesions of the dermis (vesicles and scabs).
The mission of viruses is to clean and change the patterns and meanings (DNA) of the cells where they reproduce.
As it is the skin (epidermis) that is affected, it is indicating to us that it is about conflicts of contact and separation.

If a person has chickenpox, it means that they lived or are experiencing a conflict in which they feel threatened by someone or something.

It can be a classmate, work, teacher, and boss or maybe, it can be your parents.
“I want to get away from that person so that he doesn’t hurt me again”, “I don’t want to be near my enemy”, “I want to forget what they did to me”
It can also tell us about a situation of separation from the mother, in an environment of change. The relationship of the mother (real or symbolic) with the child changes and is experienced as a conflict of separation on the part of the minor.
It can also show the child’s desire or need to distance him from maternal overprotection.
“I want to put distance between a contact and separation that hurts me”
The person with chickenpox is usually very sensitive and lives with the concern that something or someone will hurt them again. 
You have doubts that a state of happiness is permanent or lasting and you are always waiting for a new pain.

It can also indicate that the person is experiencing a change in her life and that she longs for the previous stage.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I need to learn to live in the present, be positive and face each new experience that life offers me with courage and enthusiasm.
“I am happy, relaxed and at peace”, “I trust the process of life”

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    Thank you