MELANOMA, emotional and spiritual meaning


Melanin is part of the basal layer of the epidermis and is a pigment in cells responsible for giving color (pigment) to our skin.
It is also responsible for protecting our skin from the incidence of ultraviolet sunlight. That is, it prevents the sun from burning our skin.
There is a belief that this disease is caused by the sun’s rays and this is not the case, and it can be demonstrated in those cases in which melanoma occurs on the sole of the foot and the person has never sunbathed exposing this part of your body, directly into the sun’s rays.

However, it must be taken into account that the brain is motivated exactly the same by real events or those symbols that represent it and the sun embodies the father figure, in the symbolic aspect.

Perhaps, it could be someone whom I consider my father, such as my uncle, a teacher, my grandfather or perhaps, my partner, my mother, a friend, etc.
Conflicts with sunlight are equivalent to conflicts over having felt invaded by my father (real or symbolic) or some other figure that represents him or that I feel that he has an affinity with my father.
“I protect myself from the sun’s rays (father)”, “I protect myself from my father’s gaze.”
Through melanoma my unconscious seeks to protect me from a conflict of strong intensity, or that I have lived it as such and that has overcome me emotionally.
I have to look, up to a year before the symptoms appear, for an emotional conflict in which I have suffered an attack on my integrity, (real or symbolic), physically or verbally.
I have to find a dramatic, violent situation, in which I felt humiliated, offended, disgraced, etc., and which caused me a lot of pain.

I have been able to suffer an attack, through some act or word, by someone who may belong to my family, my work, friends or the social sphere, who has dirty, stained, torn me, etc. and I have not known or I have not been able to defend myself, nor accept.

“I feel that I have been soiled, stained, humiliated, outraged, insulted, defamed”, “I feel touched in my integrity”, “I have lost my integrity”, “I feel torn, disfigured”, “You are a pig, you are a shit”
It is important to take into account the part of the body where it has manifested itself, to know its specific meaning:
When it appears in the hands (work, father) it expresses an attack conflict related to my work or my father.
If it affects the ear, it indicates that I have received an attack through words, screaming or perhaps, I have been slapped.
If it manifests on the nose, (sex and father symbol) I will look for some devaluation or humiliation related to sexuality or related to my father.
If it is in the eye, it has to do with something dirty, violent, and humiliating, that I have seen.
When he settles on the sole of the foot (mother), he tells us about situations in which I have felt offended, dirty, humiliated, for having “stepped on” something dirty.
And so on, we have to interpret the affected part and relate it to an attack on my integrity.

On the other hand, as the skin is related to contact / separation conflicts, I must find out if I have experienced an event in which I felt torn from someone or something that I held dear.

If in my life I am not aware of having lived something similar to the aforementioned, then I have to find out if it was my mother, during her pregnancy, which lived any of these experiences and projected them on me.
If my mother did not experience something similar either, I will have to look at my genealogical tree, among my doubles and find out if any of them experienced them and have transferred this program to me.
To heal, I have to try to find the event that happened to me and express the pain that I felt and that I kept silent.
Although I recognize that I had a really bad time after the event, I take responsibility; I take charge of my feelings and try to extract the teaching that can be reported to me.
I promise to put love where the resentment arose.

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