APPENDICITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning


The appendix is a small bag of just a few centimeters although in some animals, such as horses, is usually about 80 centimeters and use it as a pantry, when they eat, it is filled and thus have food reserve.
In people the appendix is symbolic and in the reserve (pantry) we usually put money, sweets, affection, recognition… in children have much to do with their money to buy their whims.
This organ’s main function is to store food.
For biology, the appendix is a reservoir, a pantry where we can store what we can easily lose or spend.
It is necessary to have a reserve meal in case we need it in an emergency.

The inflammation of the appendix tells me that I have experienced an emotional impact regarding the money that I had saved, kept, or with something that I had accumulated, collected or it may also be related to the food pantry at home, etc.

For one reason or another, my reserves of “something” have been touched, emptied, stolen, or I have had to lend or give them to someone against my will.
Or, perhaps, it was I myself who have been forced to resort to them for some reason.
In any case, I have felt destabilized, which causes me great anger and, in addition, I am not able to digest it, evacuate it, forgive it, that is, let it go.
And it can be a small reservation, not necessarily significant.
“They have taken away something that I had reserved for me”,
“I have lost something that I kept and I cannot digest it”. “I have suffered a robbery and my pockets have been emptied”, “The payment of that sanction left my pockets empty”,
Similarly, it may be related to not being able to fill my pocket, for some reason.
“A client refused to pay me what was agreed for my work”

On a symbolic level, the pocket can be full of feelings, memories of the past that I am not able to let go of.

“I find it impossible to forget my spouse”, “I am unable to forget the memories of my childhood”.

In children, it is related to pocket money, “conflict of the piggy bank”, candies, weekly pay, etc.
“I am deprived unjustly of good things”, “I have a right to take some money in my pocket, but at home they deny it”, “I have been punished and it was not so a big thing; I cannot appeal or defend myself”.

Appendicitis can also appear after a conflict related to an unpleasant, indigestible matter, a trick.

Someone is or has played a trick on us and it is something that we cannot “empty”, a situation from which we cannot find a way out.
“They have made a mess of me, they have cheated me and now I don’t know how to react or what to do”, “I feel left out”, “Fear of life. Fear of not being able to have more”. The flow of good is blocked.
Another cause may be related to something or someone that I want to incorporate into my life but a circumstance prevents me. I feel like my life is blocked.
The inflammation of the appendix is more common in people who do not trust in the abundance of the universe and any loss, no matter how small, they live with despair, because, unconsciously, they are afraid of scarcity,

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  1. Dan

    Wonderful job, Joman. This makes sense and is very relatable to my recent medical situation. Experiencing abundant healing every day! Love always, Dr. Dan

  2. Arielle

    Thank you very very much. It is the best andmost thorough description of appendicitis I can find. It’s very helpful and makes complete sense.