SHOULDER pain, emotional and spiritual meaning

The shoulder is the main axis of the arm and joins the arm to the trunk.
It is an extremely mobile joint that allows movement in all directions.
The shoulders serve, symbolically, as a point of support, to lean on someone or for others to lean on me.
Similarly, they are related to companionship and loyalty: “Fight shoulder to shoulder”
They are the ones that we open to give a good hug or to receive it.
Likewise, they are like my wings and with them I can protect or be protected
Through them, I show my ability to act, my deepest desires to act with respect to someone or something.

They also relate to my ability to bear the responsibilities and obligations of life: “to carry the burden on my shoulders,” “to carry all the weight of the world on my shoulders,” and so on. 

They refer to responsibility as an adult; either as a father, a mother or as a human being in society.
Shoulder problems express that I have difficulties to act, that I find resistance to my desires, to my desires to act; either due to lack of support, external opposition or a feeling of devaluation. I feel that others hinder me or prevent me from acting.
Most shoulder problems are related to my loads, my responsibilities and my obligations in the activity I perform (work, sport, etc.).
It influences, therefore, how loaded I feel, how supported or not supported, how recognized or not recognized that I feel.
Situation of devaluation by others: perhaps I feel devalued in my work because despite the fact that others leave the heaviest burdens for me and I assume a lot of responsibilities, no one tells me or makes me feel how valuable and indispensable I am, no one appreciates how hard I try.
Or maybe I’m the one who devalues ​​myself because I think I should take on more responsibilities, do more things, dedicate more time to it, and I feel guilty for not doing it.
I can also feel devalued if mine do not congratulate me or recognize my achievements, my progress, what I contribute, how much I carry.

Similarly, I can feel discomfort in my shoulders when I realize that I mistakenly chose to carry something and now I regret that I did it.

Meaning according to the location of the pain:
If the front part hurts, it means that I myself devalue myself with respect to my burdens.
If it’s the back that hurts me, it indicates that I feel devalued by others.
I can feel separated from someone who previously valued me and who has now stopped. 
Or maybe, I am the one who has devalued another person and I feel guilty for doing so.
When my shoulder hurts when lifting it, it tells me about a feeling of separation from someone I used to hug or he hugged me and he is no longer with me because he left me, moved away or passed away.

If the discomfort is at the junction between the shoulder and the clavicle, it is indicating to me that I am living a situation of separation, I want someone to leave my life, I no longer want her by my side.

If the pain shows up at the top, right inside, it tells me that I want to separate from someone I work with or, perhaps, I want to separate from my work, because I’m fed up, because I don’t like it, because I’m tired of carrying this burden, this responsibility, but I don’t say it, I don’t express it, and I don’t do it.
If, all of a sudden, I feel like my shoulder locks up, becomes paralyzed and I can’t move it, it’s telling me that I did something, pushed, slapped, hit someone and I deeply regret it.
Dislocation of the shoulder: often times, a dislocation occurs after a blow, fall, or forced movement.
When I have suffered a dislocation or suffer them frequently, they are telling me that I am doing something bad, illegal, dirty (lying, cheating, stealing, etc.) in my work and I feel guilty for carrying that load.
It can also indicate that we have the feeling of being caught, “as if they put us in a box”: “I want more freedom in my task of being human”, “I don’t want to be clinging to my family, work, etc., I want to be me same”
“Situation of devaluation accompanied by dishonor on me or my parents”

Left shoulder: may indicate a conflict of devaluation of the self-image as a parent or guardian. I should check if I feel satisfied with my responsibilities as a parent or perhaps with my obligations to my parents.

On the contrary, I must analyze whether my children, my parents or friends criticize me, judge me, make fun of and devalue me in my work or in what I do.
“Devaluation in the father / mother / child relationship or in front of any other person we love as if they were our son”
Conflict of identity as father, mother or child:
“I am a bad father or I am a bad mother or I am a bad child to my parents”, the head of the left humerus will be affected.
“I have not protected them sufficiently” will affect the capsule.
“I have not been able to keep someone very close under my wing (it affects the head of the humerus).
Right shoulder: Conflict of devaluation of oneself in reference to the partner or to one’s own social or work position.
I must analyze my relationship with my partner,
if I devalue myself or devalue myself with respect to my responsibilities, to what I do.
erhaps, I am a very perfectionist in everything I do and I feel guilty for not having done enough, for not having done better.

I also have to analyze if I have recently suffered an experience in which I did not know how to defend myself from an attack, real or verbal, related to what I do.

Identity conflict as husband / wife (without sexual connotation) or as a worker:
“I am not a good husband, a good wife, a recognized worker or a good student,” will affect the head of the humerus.
“Affective devaluation for not having been able to keep someone close under the wing”, the head of the right humerus will be affected.
“I have not sufficiently protected my partner or co-worker” will affect the capsule.
These lateralities are like this only for right-handed people, for left-handers, it will be the opposite.
Frozen shoulder: devaluation in relation to my responsibilities with my children and my partner.
Situation for having given something and then retracting: I give love and I withdraw, or I give work and I regret it.
Conflict of not knowing how to protect my child or my partner:
Rotator cuff: tendons in the shoulder that allow movement of the arm.

Devaluation conflict in gesture (work, action): rotator cuffs are the sign that something that happens at work is not going very well or is already affecting us emotionally.

For the right-hander, the right shoulder: gestures in relation to something personal (for me).
“My partner does not consider important, what I do”, “My boss always looks down on my work”,
“I’m afraid that my partner wants me to go / that I not go”
The left shoulder: gestures in relation to the clan or something of the clan.
“My family does not consider important, what I do”, “My co-workers always look down on what I do”,
“I want my friend, my co-worker, my son, to leave / not to leave”,
“I am afraid that my co-worker, my friend, my son will want me to go / that I not go”
(See scapula and clavicle)

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