AUTOINMUNE DISEASE, emotional and spiritual meaning:


The word “auto” comes from the Greek and means oneself.
The immune system is a complex network of cells and cellular components, called molecules that normally work to defend the body and eliminate infections caused by bacteria, viruses, and other invading microorganisms.
In a person with an autoimmune disease, their immune system loses control, does not recognize their own cells and begins to attack and destroy them as if they were foreign and dangerous agents.

This disease shows us our inability to recognize ourselves, to see ourselves or to accept ourselves as we are. He expresses deep feelings of worthlessness, coupled with feelings of guilt and helplessness.

These people have been accidentally conceived, they have not been expected or desired, they were born because “something happened…”, because someone intervened to keep the pregnancy going, because someone refused to carry out the abortion that It was programmed, i.e., they live because something happened that saved their lives at the last moment.
“I do not recognize myself as someone valuable”,
“I don’t deserve to exist”,
“A part of me wants to kill another part of me”,
“One part of me disagrees with the other part”
We project this difficulty of ours in the world, abroad, we think that nobody recognizes us that they do not understand us and we keep fighting with it.
We consider and rate people or things as good or bad, in absolute terms, without establishing any kind of nuance or any other consideration.

This state of conflict and compulsive defense in which we remain leads us to destroy ourselves.

We will have to find out if there was someone among our ancestors who something similar to the above happened to him and we have come with this program to repair and free him.
See also the parts of the body affected, to interpret their biological sense.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
We need to voluntarily question our own beliefs and mental structures.
It is very important to recognize ourselves, take care of ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves in a combative way, thus discharging the immune system.

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