INSOMNIA, emotional and spiritual meaning

It tells us about the difficulty in falling asleep or waking up frequently or early. It generally negatively affects the performance of the affected person in their daily life.
Insomnia is a biological adaptation to stressful situations, it is a survival reaction.

The sense of suffering from this symptom is to remain alert like a sentinel, watching, due to an unresolved danger (often at the mental level). What do I watch?

In some cases, insomnia can be due to physical problems such as apnea, being overweight, loud snoring or thyroid disorders.
Likewise, the inability to sleep can express a deep fear of losing control, of abandoning oneself.
Persistent daily insomnia expresses a severe lack of confidence; when we have little faith in life, when we lack confidence and we try to keep everything controlled, directed, verified and dominated and we do not know how to delegate to others, the thought never stops and causes the person to wake up frequently during the night.
I am afraid of losing control of a situation. “When I lose control comes danger”, “I have to control everything”

Specific stress situation: I have an urgent need to watch over and defend the clan. Who am I watching?

Example: a person who is alone and is afraid that something will happen to him. “I run the risk of hurting myself or something terrible happening to me while I sleep”
In the same way, a woman who has the responsibility of caring for a physically and psychologically disabled family member can suffer insomnia and has to be constantly aware of him.
When insomnia begins at a very young age, we must review the environment that the child lives at home, if his parents fight, argue or if he has suffered some abuse, preferably at night and the child is watching because he is very afraid. “I am on alert because something is going to happen”
As an adult, to heal that situation, you have to become aware that everything belongs to the past that the same experience is no longer taking place and, therefore, you should not be worried.

The origin of insomnia can also be found in my Sense Project or my family tree.

I must look for stories of traumatic, sad events that happened during the night and, because that person fell asleep, some misfortune occurred or someone died and there was nothing they could do to prevent it. “To prevent it from happening again, I must stay awake”
In the same way, the need to watch over a dead person, real or symbolic, can also cause insomnia.
The “dead” can also be today’s altercation at work, the argument with my partner, our son’s problems, etc.
Insomnia can be strongly related to conscious or unconscious guilt. For one reason or another, we may have the feeling that “we do not deserve to rest”
Perhaps insomnia is because we feel guilty for not being successful in life, for not doing everything necessary to take care of our children, our parents, etc.

Perhaps it could also be because I have difficulty making decisions. Do I usually delay my decisions?

Or maybe, because I don’t accept things as they are and I need to change them, act now, without delay. In this case, the mental process is activated and prevents us from resting.
If we do not find the origin of our concern, we can hardly order our mind to stop, therefore, we must find our negative thoughts and solve them (during the day) and with that satisfaction go to bed.
People who are afraid of death can also have insomnia. During sleep, we find ourselves in a state of vulnerability and abandonment; we feel as if our ego and our survival are threatened. 
The person who is afraid of death will also be afraid of the night, since sleep is the younger brother of death; it forces us to abandon ourselves to the unknown.

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