Hyperopia, emotional and spiritual meaning

Hyperopia is a visual problem that prevents us from seeing nearby objects clearly enough, however we can see more clearly at long distances.
In hyperopia, the visual image is focused behind the retina, instead of directly on it, this physical phenomenon can be of physiological origin because the eye is too short.

If I have this visual symptom it warns me that I am afraid to see closely what is happening in my life. I want to take some time to reflect before trying something.

In the same way, I have difficulty seeing all the details of a specific situation and I want to run away from it because I do not trust that I can handle it.
“I refuse to see what is next to me”
It is necessary to see well from afar. The farsighted is the sentry, the lookout. The eye adjusts to see in the distance.
“Fear, anguish, before future events”
“Danger comes from afar”
“Fear of not knowing where it comes from”
Right eye = Family related. “The future of my family worries me a lot”
Left eye = Linked to myself. “I feel uneasy about my future”
This laterality is for right-handed people, for left-handed people it is the other way around.

I have to be aware that my refusal to see the current moment prevents me from living many experiences that could contribute a lot to my personal evolution.

It is important that I dare to face the encounter with others and consciously assume responsibility for the experiences that I am living, leaving behind my tendency and my desire to have everything under control.
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