HEART, emotional and spiritual meaning

The heart is the main organ of the circulatory system.
It is a muscle that works without the intervention of our conscious will, it commands itself, in fact, the heart can beat without a brain.
It is like a “pump” that makes the blood drive energetically to all corners of the body, however, it is not within our power to control the force (palpitations) or speed (arrhythmia, tachycardia).

Symbolically it is considered the “family home”, of those who carry the same blood.

On a metaphysical level, the heart is considered the center of love and is associated with the whole range of feelings, from affection, compassion and tenderness, to grief, loss and fear.
So what does heart disease transmit to us?
Diseases of the heart and circulatory system are related to the way we relate and feel about ourselves, with whether we are capable of feeling love and expressing it to others.
They can also be associated with the opposite, with hostility and rejection.

When we present a problem in the heart, it means that we are experiencing a devaluation conflict due to not being able to defend our territory (real or symbolic):

House, family, partner, children, work, pet, money, salary, friends, etc.
Atrial systole: it receives the blood, symbolically, it is female.
Ventricular systole: throws the blood, has a masculine behavior.
“My ex-wife keeps the house”, “I want to go back to my mother’s house”, “I leave the door open so that my mother can return”
A large heart indicates the need to expand the house. “I need a bigger house to take in the baby (for example).”
Atria (female):it tells me what I receive at home, in relation to the mother.

Right atrium: it is the one that receives the dirty blood. He expresses conflicts with the reception of bad plays, secrets linked to the mother.

Left atrium: reception of purified blood. “My father wants to throw me out of the house, my mother protects me”
Ventricles (male): have to do with the action of expelling or taking someone out of the house, in relation to the father.
Right ventricle: it expresses my need to expel dirty things from my house. Not wanting something because it is considered dirty.
Left ventricle: symbolically, it is related to the expulsion of the sons of the clan.
Myocarditis: This is the inflammation of the myocardium, the muscular walls of the heart. 
The point is to improve myocardial performance.
If there is inflammation it means a greater contribution of energy and nutrients for better performance.
It warns me that I feel anger contained in the home.
It also tells me that I am experiencing a devaluation situation with respect to cardiac efficiency.
He also tells me that I am experiencing a territorial conflict:
“They kick me out of the territory.”
Cardiac hypertrophy: consists of an increase in the thickness of the heart muscle (myocardium) that makes up the ventricular wall.

The myocardium increases due to a need to better manage the blood (blood ties or family) within the heart (home, house, territory).

It warns me of the need to expand my home to better shelter the family.
In the same way, he tells me that I feel a great sorrow for having been expelled from the family territory.
Right side: I need to clean the family.
Left side: I must protect the family.
Right artery: it indicates to me a conflict of loss of foreign territory.
Left artery: it is related to a conflict of loss of interior territory (conflict of helplessness).
Muscle spasm in the coronary arteries: I express a conflict of wanting to leave for my beloved, but without being able to do so, due to the partner and children with whom I live.
Angina pectoris: It is an oppressive pain located in the sternum area due to insufficient oxygen supply to the cells that make up the heart muscle.
The symbolism of the heart is “the house, the home.”

If we lose “the house” it is not necessary so much oxygen supply or the conflict will reignite.

It manifests when the person has suffered a conflict of loss of territory (affective or professional) or of the “content” of the territory, as in the case of a heart attack, but does not face to try to resolve it, rather he adapts to the conflict.
“I have lost something that was mine”,
“Someone threatens to take away something that is mine”
It corresponds to the active phase of a territorial conflict that affects our role as “bosses”, “secondary boss” or “assistant boss”.

In a right-handed man: it is a conflict of loss of territory or the content of the territory, a partner who abandons it, children who leave home, a partner or children who die, etc.

In a left-handed woman: it tells us about a sexual conflict and affects women who have remained single, who have not had sexual relations or who have not been able to become pregnant.
Pericardium: (membrane that protects the heart): I must protect my heart from an attack, real or symbolic.
Likewise, it warns me of a situation of fear related to my own heart or that of others. For example, feeling constant fear of having a heart attack or that a family member will have a heart attack.
“You have to be very careful with your heart”,
“Fear of having an attack”,
“I will not say anything to my mother, and surely she caused a heart attack”
The symbolic identification of the heart is related to the home, the house.

If I have pericardial problems, you can tell me that I have felt attacked within my territory or that the integrity of my family has been attacked.

Pericarditis: it may be related to the entry or exit of a member of the family from my house (heart).
Endocardium: it tells me about devaluation with respect to the heart. “That rips my heart out”, “My heart has been broken”, “It is necessary that the life of the family flow without obstacles”
Heart valves: affected after a feeling of helplessness at home.
Esteónica: I don’t want to open the door of my house. “My father wants to keep me at home and I want to free myself.”
Insufficiency: linked to the protection of the home or family.
Atrioventricular valves(tricuspid and mitral): rejection by the mother.

Ventriculo-arterial valves (pulmonary and aortic):rejection by the father.

Mitral Valve – Warns me of a lack of protection at home.
“I feel unprotected by my partner”,
“The male is never there when he is needed”,
“There is no male who stands up for me”,
“I have no one to defend me”
The woman has to assume that the lack of a man by her side will not make her weaker and that she will be able to get by without a partner.
Mitral stenosis: it is linked to impotence.
“I want to prevent the male from leaving, but I can’t”,
“I don’t want someone to leave the house or not to go out too much”.
“My mother prevents me from reaching my father” (in terms of leaving home).

Valve prolapse:it expresses to me a conflict of territory linked to a separation and pressures regarding love.

For example, I lose the territory by having to divorce who I still love.
It also indicates a lack of communication between father and mother. The mother throws the son or father out of the house.
Mitral regurgitation: “My father throws me out of the house, but I return thanks to my mother.”
Ventricles: “I don’t have space in my house (heart) to receive my father.”
Veins of the heart: Having a problem in the coronary veins expresses that we are suffering or have suffered a significant loss of territory and specifically in some matter “of the heart”.

It can also indicate a biological conflict of sexual frustration, due to the absence of relationships or not belonging to any man sexually.

“I want to eliminate (from my partner, from my family, life …) everything improper”, “I am deprived of carnal contact”, “My partner has left me”

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