TESTICLES, emotional and spiritual meaning

They are the two glands that produce male hormones and sperm.
They symbolize the masculine principle, fatherhood, virility, sexuality, fertility and creativity.
In the testicles all fears, insecurities and doubts are reflected regarding the condition of the father, of man, regarding sexuality and impotence.

Any problem in the testicles or in the seminal vesicle, wants to express that we have suffered a strong conflict of separation from someone we love very much (partner, son, brother, etc.).

Testicular ectopia: it indicates that I have suffered real abuse by a member of my family; it may be that my father abused me and touched me or it could be my uncle, my cousin, my brother, etc.
A testicle that does not drop: it may be to “pretend” that we are not of the desired sex, by the mother or the father, they prefer a girl.
Another sense may be to “hide the testicles” so as not to show reproductive capacity. “Hidden son”, “I must not procreate”, “I do not want to be a father”
The testicle stays inside: On a symbolic level, it represents the offspring, they are eventual children.

The torsion of the testicle occurs as a result of a huge disappointment in the image that the young man had made of his father.

Interstitial zone: it talks to me about a conflict of separation and/or loss.
These are softer conflicts, with people who are less important to me or whose emotional impact has not been so strong as to cause cancer, although they are wrapped in a tone of guilt.
“I have lost my teacher, my boss, my student”
“He left because of me, he left me because of my bad character”

Other conflicts that affect this interstitial zone are those in which I have felt denigrated, destroyed by a person of the opposite sex, by an ugly matter, a low blow, mainly by my partner.

“I feel belittled, lectured, reprimanded”
I have to find out who is the person who tells me things like:
“You are not good in bed”, “I do not like how you make love”,
“Your member is very small”, “I am not satisfied”, “You did not get pregnant “,” You are useless, etc.
Also, I may be suffering from the playboy conflict, because I feel that I have lost my power of seduction or my image as a man.
“I can no longer seduce”, “I’m not able to get a girl, I don’t like any of them, and I’m going to lose the one I have.” “I’m worth nothing, I’m ugly”

On the other hand, guilt for having had a sexual relationship “ugly, frowned upon” or “outside the norms”, can also cause problems in the testicles.

Cysts: If a cyst has formed, you want to express to me, i do not have anyone to testify in my favor, they are very specific circumstances and almost always legal, where I have no one to support me, to tell my truth, to save me from some problem, therefore I create a witness, a cyst, in the deepest and most intimate of me to defend me in a symbolic way.
Also, symbolically, I am making the testicle bigger, symbolically, so that I can better attract females”
Or perhaps, he warns me that I feel like someone is holding me by the testicles.
Varicocele: (descent of blood from the renal vein to the testicle)

If I have problems, I am informed of a devaluation conflict related to my ability to protect my children. I am very worried, about not being able to perform well as a parent; it is too much responsibility for me.

“I am afraid of not being able to take care of or protect my son”
It mainly affects those men who intend to take charge of the whole world and who consider them as their own children.
“I want to clean the impurities that come from my family so as not to transmit them to my children”
Epididymis: In the epididymis the maturation of sperm occurs to fertilize the female.

If I have discomfort, he tells me that I feel impotence related to my ability to seduce women.

It also indicates to me that I am concerned about my own male vigour.
“Fear of not being man enough to satisfy a woman”,
“Feeling of guilt after a break in the relationship with a woman”
Also, you can let me know that I feel resentment for having wasted my time, my projects, etc.
Inflammation or epididymitis tells me about my intention to:
“I want to keep my son with me, so that he can mature and become a man”
She also informs me that I feel helpless, angry and frustrated with the woman.

Asthenozoospermia: it tells me about a devaluation of reproductive and sexual connotation.

“I will not be able to impose myself as the head of this family, to protect my children”,
“I will not be able to make my children strong”, “To save my offspring, I don’t have to move”
Testicular cancer: it warns us of a strong and shocking emotional conflict related to the “loss of territory”: “I have lost my son (a)”.
“My partner, girlfriend, lover, wife left me”, “They fired me from work”, “I lost my home”, etc.
90% is always related to the loss of a child, real or symbolic.
It can also be manifested by the loss or death of my father, my partner, my friend or an animal.

When I speak of symbolic I am referring to people who by dates or by name have an affinity with my relatives and that is why my brain takes their loss or their estrangement as real.

I will have to analyze the loss, not only as the death, because I can be a very sensitive man and the simple fact of being angry with my best friend or that my father has disowned me or that my son has moved, has been enough to that I feel collapsed and present a cancer.
At a symbolic level, it can refer to the loss of a business, etc.
If none of this happens to me now or has happened to me, I have to analyze my Sense Project or my family tree and it may be something very simple, such as my grandfather who was my double, he could have lost a son dramatically.

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