CRYPTORCHIDISM, emotional and spiritual meaning


Cryptorchidism is a developmental disorder that consists of the incomplete descent of one or both testicles through the inguinal canal into the scrotum.

It occurs during pregnancy, one or both testicles hide to “pretend” that we are not of the desired sex, by the mother or father, they prefer a girl.

Another sense may be to “hide the testicles” so as not to show reproductive capacity. In these cases, I must look at my family tree and look, in my doubles, for inherited programs of not having the right to reproduce, not having children.
“I must not procreate”, “I don’t want to be a dad”
Most of the time, he refers to authoritarian, harsh, distant, cold, castrating parents, with whom he has not been able to maintain any type of communication.
Or, perhaps, it tells us that the baby has been abused, touched, or raped by her father.
Likewise, you can express to me that I am living a castration conflict because of an overly powerful father or with lovers, incestuous or rapist.

In adults, cryptorchidism speaks of conflicts related to reproduction. I have to analyze all the situations in my life, in the last year, related to the project of having a child, fear of having one, etc.

“I don’t want to be a dad or I don’t want to now”, “I was not able to give my partner a child”
And, in addition, I have to look for conflicts regarding how I live the relationship with my father or what is his attitude towards sex and reproduction.

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