Lacrimal glands, emotional and spiritual meaning

These are exocrine glands responsible for producing and secreting tears.
Tears lubricate the eyeball, moisten and clean it to get a better view of the “piece”.
They also contain a bactericidal enzyme that protects the eye against infection on an ongoing basis.

If I have gland problems, they tell me that I have been fascinated by something I have seen and that, at the same time, I find it horrible, but I am driven to continue looking as if to specify all the details.

Likewise, they can also be affected if I look powerless or feel fearful because I cannot catch a visual mouthful, that is, because I cannot see or achieve what I really would like to see happen.
“I want to catch something with my eyes.”
Tears are related to sadness, fear, but also joy, love.
Through tears we release emotions.
I can also use my tears to attract attention, to be aware of me and to take care of me.

The absence of tears may be due to the fact that the person prevents himself from crying, refuses to express her emotions.

“It is forbidden to cry, express feelings and let someone else see them.”
These are often people who try to hide their enormous sensitivity, because they are afraid of being taken advantage of.
It can also be angry eyes, which refuse to forgive, to look with love.
“I see everyone with fury, because they are not how I want them to be, because they do not do what I want them to do.”
“I am disappointed and hurt.”
Excessive tearing or epiphora; The function of tearing is to clean something physical that is in the eye and symbolically, it is responsible for cleaning something dirty or harmful that we see and that we dislike.
The right eye: represents recognition, affectivity (the one that shows my affections).

It is the one that memorizes and compares the known and unknown faces.

It represents the recognition I give to others.
It is linked to our parents, our children, partner, friends, etc.
If it is the left eye that we have affected:
it is the eye that directs the movement, the one that looks at the enemies and visualizes in the distance to shoot. It is the one that warns us of a nearby threat and defends us from danger.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I need to learn to see and see myself with the eyes of love.

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