The lumbar vertebrae, emotional and spiritual meaning

Lower back and lumbar spine: In this area of the spine, the relationships we maintain with our immediate environment, human, social, professional, affective, family and sexual relationships are reflected.
If I have discomfort, it indicates a devaluation regarding my survival and that of my family in terms of creation, operation and structure because I feel that I am the pillar of the family.
“I cannot delegate, I have to carry everything”, “I feel dominated, forced, managed, used, cheated”

People with problems in this part of the back live life as a struggle, they always want to be fighting but they repress themselves to prevent the family from breaking down.

“I always have to be fighting, life is a fight”, “Here I am fighting”
The five lumbar vertebrae:
L1 = Large intestine or colon.
Indigestible experiences that we want to eliminate. 
Related to a betrayal, to an offense: Something that I expected to receive and they have not given me and I experience it as a devaluation. 
Someone has betrayed me, is betraying me or I am afraid that they will betray me, at an emotional, economic, family or loyalty level.
L1 + L2 = When both vertebrae are affected, it means that we are experiencing a conflict of loss of money related to cheating, foul play or a lie. 
Conflict related to “reserves” (money, food, etc.). My reservation is running low in a hurry.
L2 = Appendix, abdomen, thighs.
Conflict of treason, of dirt. I have been forced to let go, to shed something that I do not want to let go of.
Conflict of keeping dirty things: jealousy, resentment, envy, anger that I keep inside myself, to satisfy others.

Devaluation for having to pretend, pretending that I am fine, at work, even though I feel devalued; with a member of my family, even though he does not treat me well, etc.

Right-handed people : “I keep things to satisfy others (family, partner, children, siblings)
Left-handed people: “I keep things to satisfy others (at a social or work level)
L2 + L3 = Devaluation conflict, something that I do not swallow, that I do not accept, in relation to money, loss or lack of money, which has made me lose my stability.
It can also refer to a pregnancy that has not occurred or that has been lost.
L3 = Sex organs, uterus, bladder.

Conflicts of sexual devaluation and reproduction.

“I feel incapable of marking my territory, of keeping my partner”
“I feel unable to like my partner sexually”
“I want to have children, but my partner does not”
“I want to have sex, but my partner doesn’t. I feel unable to achieve a pleasant sexual relationship “
“I feel unable to maintain a pregnancy”
It can also be affected by conflicts related to sexual guilt, shame, sexual violence, etc.
L4 = Related to the prostate, lower back muscles, sciatic nerve.
Conflict of devaluation in relation to others. 

Problems with the “norms and rules” commonly established in our society, in our environment, especially in relation to the couple.

Conflict of self-criticism. I am doing something wrong, which is against my principles or what I think it should be. 
Example: my partner and I sleep in separate beds, when it shouldn’t be. 
My partner and I are divorced but we are still having sex and that is not okay.
“I am not like the others.”
“I don’t think like the rest of the people.”
“I don’t have the same tastes as the others.”
Right-handed people: “I am not respecting family rules”
Left-handed people: “I am not respecting social and cultural norms”
L4 + L5 = Devaluation conflict.
“I need to be loved, I need more attention and I can’t do it”
“Nobody loves me anymore”
“I am a small thing. I’m not attractive”
“Nobody wants me to have sex anymore ”
L5 = Legs, feet, ankles.

Devaluation conflict in relation to a collateral, brother / sister, cousin, spouse, lover, friends, colleagues, etc. 

“Everyone around me judges me, criticizes me and that prevents me from moving forward”
Right-handed person: “My loved ones make me feel guilty about my situation”
Left-handed person: “I feel angry because I feel guilt, about my situation”
I do not dare to express what I really think or feel, for fear that my family will consider me an unusual person or that they will see me as a strange person. 
Example: I have a certain sexual fantasy, but if I say it they will call me crazy. 
I am divorced but I still have sex with my ex partner, but I cannot say it, because my family would not accept it.

L5 + S1 = Conflict of sexual devaluation. 

“They have betrayed me sexually”
“They have beaten me, raped me”
“I don’t like the sexuality they propose to me, I hate it”
Retrolisthesis or backward displacement of the vertebra:
Everyone else first and me last. “I will sacrifice myself for my partner, child, etc.”
Antelishesis or advanced vertebra: I go to the front and leave the others behind me.
“I have already divorced and it would not be good, to marry again”
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