CHOLESTEROL, emotional and spiritual meaning


Cholesterol is a lipid (a type of natural fat) present in all parts of the body.
The body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to function properly. 
But excess cholesterol in the blood, combined with other substances, can stick to the walls of the arteries.
This is called plaque.
Cholesterol plaques have the function of repairing and strengthening (rebuilding) plasma membranes and ulcerated walls of blood vessels.
For this reason, at a symbolic or psychosomatic level, cholesterol refers to the notion of “construction of the personality, the construction of the Self. 

He talks about a problem in the construction of his own personality or that of a member of his closest environment.

This is a task that occupies the human being, all his life, from his birth.
And depending on the personal work carried out, we can speak of a strong I when an individual is balanced and responsible in his actions and of a weak, I, if they are unstable, indecisive individuals or of weak maturity in their daily life.
From the psychosomatic point of view, any conflict that has to do with blood is directly related to the family clan and the emotion that we are experiencing refers to a devaluation with respect to the family.
Cholesterol alerts me to a lack of family support.

The person with high cholesterol has lived a long time in his life with a total absence, lack of family support and communication.

It may be because your family has separated or you live far away and you never call or visit.
“I feel alone, with no one to support me or understand me”
The individual feels unable to do things alone, always asks for help or depends on others to “be” or “live”.
They may even have the feeling that others do not care and therefore have to deal with everything alone.
“I grew up alone, I have always been alone”, “I can only count on myself to build myself, physically and above all morally”, “I build myself”,

“Everything depends on my own ability, my strength, my economy, everything depends on me to ensure my survival and this affects me a lot”,

“I can’t do this alone”
When I want to carry out a project, build or create something that I especially want, I can’t get help from anyone.
“I do not receive the support of my family, nobody has helped me to get where I have arrived”, “In my family no one calls me”, “I never see my family”, “I refuse to open myself to joy”
Undoubtedly, this unwanted situation makes the person feel sad, alone, powerless, isolated, because obviously, he feels that he needs others to be
Well, this dependence is what causes your cholesterol level to increase, since an independent individual and with a satisfactory family relationship, would not have high cholesterol.

A high level of cholesterol can occur, out of sympathy, when someone unconsciously is very concerned about a close family member who, really or symbolically, does not find mature and responsible enough and needs to be very aware of him to help him.

“I need to structure my partner, my children, parents, etc.”
If at the current moment, we are not living any of the experiences mentioned above and I am presenting high cholesterol, then I will have to look for stories from Sense Project (experiences lived by my mother during pregnancy).
Or from the Transgenerational (program inherited from an ancestor) related to feelings of abandonment, real or having had the feeling of being abandoned and, consequently,
“I am alone, in danger and no one can feed me. I only count on myself”.
We must bear in mind that cholesterol plaques appear in the repair phase of a coronary heart attack conflict, therefore, it will always be related to conflicts of loss, invasion or conquest of any territory or its content.
For example, loss of a partner, home, job or anything else that, for the affected person, is considered as their own territory.
We must also take into account the conquest of a female, which is experienced by the man, as a male sexual conflict or the struggle, to be the head of a territory.
The person suffering from excess cholesterol consideres life as a struggle and must always be prepared to fight.

She has a tendency to get angry easily, especially when it comes to defending her territory (partner, house, things, etc.) since she is not willing to lose what she achieved by herself, without help or support from anyone.

She feels great distrust, she does not know how to give herself and she is not capable of opening up and receiving.
Without a doubt, it is someone who has not felt loved,, supported and protected in her childhood.
These people must take care of themselves in terms of focusing on their own pleasure in living and not on accumulating achievements to prove their greatness and seek some recognition from their parents.
Triglycerides: Conflict over feeling obliged to give or receive “construction material”.
“I count on others to help me survive and I do not contribute anything”
Both pathologies are two sides of the same coin. 
Cholesterol, male pole, related to “giving” and triglycerides, female pole, which symbolize “receiving”.

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