DUPUYTREN DISEASE: emotional and spiritual meaning

Dupuytren’s contracture or disease is a deformity that affects the tissues under the palm of the hand and in some cases the fingers.
Generally the fingers involved are the little and ring fingers, but they can all be affected individually or together, and this permanently.

The biological meaning of this symptom is to prevent us from releasing something that we already had trapped.

It also expresses my desire to let go or not the reins in relation to a job (hand), or with the father.
Or, also, it indicates my concern and my desire to break an alliance, a commitment (ring finger) or a secret (little finger).
In the same way, it indicates to me that I feel devalued and helpless in my family.
This disease denotes a “tension” in my attitudes, revealing a certain closure in front of my spouse or my children.
I am interested in becoming more flexible and open, expressing my moods better.
Although it affects the fingers, first of all, it must be taken into account that the hand as a whole represents the father.

Secondly, we have to inquire about the work I do, what I do with my fingers in my work.

Remembering that:
The thumb symbolizes affective nutrition.
It is the finger that “sucks” on the baby when he misses the affection or attention of her mother.
On the other hand, it is also a symbol of power, protection or condemnation.
The index finger is related to the paternal function and symbolically represents authority.
The middle finger is related to sexuality, it reflects the details regarding this issue, the way in which I live sexuality.
The ring finger tells us about the commitments made, the alliances or the contracts we make.
The little finger or earphone relates to the love and family harmony since it is linked to the heart. 
It also expresses the deceptions or lies within the family, and the hidden secrets that are kept in the clan.

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