The little toe (pinkie), emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the finger related to the “territory” in relation to the collaterals.

It is the finger that examines my territory and that seeks balance; it gives firmness to my grip.

Everything we consider to be “ours” is territory. It can be our house, partner, children, family, work, room, etc.

This toe can be affected if I feel like I’m losing my territory or at risk of losing it.

“Sharing my room is uncomfortable”,

“They want to take away my house”,

“I don’t want to share my space”.

Likewise, I can have ailments if I feel guilty for not having taken care of my territory enough or because I lack the courage to defend it or because I don’t enjoy it, etc.

If I don’t like public speaking, if I don’t like defending my ideas, if I am unstable or feel vulnerable, my little finger will hide under the fourth finger.

The more I feel able to defend my territory, the straighter and firmer my little finger will be.

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