ANOREXIA, emotional and spiritual meaning:

It is a decreased appetite resulting in thinning, which can become so severe that take the person to the total malnutrition and cause death.
Anorexia is a typically female disease, appearing frequently when the girl is maturing and has to face the stage of sexual development.

It often appears to coincide with a stage that holds deep conflicts with their parents, especially her mother.

“Mom’s (symbolic) food is toxic:”
It is overprotective mothers who constantly monitor their daughters.
“My mother controls my life, my space, my identity”.
Love, affection, emotional nutrition that they offer me is indigestible and unacceptable; therefore “I do not eat”.
The relationship we have with food is a true reflection of the relationship we had with our mother when we were fed.
The child associates from the beginning the ideas of food and love.

Anorexia states that the relationship of affection, love and protection that the child experiences when being breastfed has not been satisfactory.

Either because it has been an unwanted child or the mother she would have preferred a boy instead of a girl, or vice versa.
As a consequence, the mother is not at ease when she breastfeeds the child, she is not warm and loving, but quite the opposite, cold and absent, she only does it out of necessity.
And the child perceives it that way, feels rejected.
So unconsciously keeps the memory of that food is not attractive, is not healthy; rather it is repulsive.
As the relationship with food expresses the relationship to life, the child loses confidence in this.
This rejection of life manifests itself in the patient in different ways: she refuses to eat physical food or eats things of little nutritional value.

When she is alone, a circumstance that she takes advantage of to eat everything she finds, she does not want to retain the food and expels it, causing herself to vomit.

She also usually practices some type of physical exercise or take specific substances to eliminate fat and stay very slim.
The refusal to eat can be so serious that it leads to total destruction and death.
On the other hand, the anorexic also feels, consciously or unconsciously, a great repudiation of her own femininity, which is why most of them have problems with their periods or suffer from amenorrhea.
They are afraid of the female symbol “curves” and the bulging belly, a symbol of motherhood. “I am afraid of my body, its forms, my sexual energy.”
In their relationships with others, there is some hypocrisy, the desire to attract attention, self-centeredness, manipulation and fear of proximity, intimacy and family warmth, which is why they tend to asceticism and loneliness.
If in current life the person who has this symptom has not lived these experiences with his mother, without a doubt he will analyze his genealogical tree, because most of the time, the origin of anorexia is found in programs inherited from his ancestors, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers.

He should look for very serious stories between mother and daughter, related to mistreatment, rejection, abuse or rape, etc.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
These people cannot be helped by advising them or forcing them to feed themselves, because this is precisely what they flee from, the corporeal, the physical. They reject it because it symbolizes the bad, the impure.
However, we can help you by trying to make them behave authentically, fully, to be honest with themselves.
The anorexic person must accept himself, her femininity, her desire for love, sex, and admit her self-centeredness.

He needs to change his perception of her mother as soon as possible and understand that she that she has always done the best she could and has the right to have her fears and her limitations, like any human being.

If he accepts her mother and her way of nurturing him affectionately, he will learn to accept the woman in her and will regain his taste for life and food.
If we begin to admit ourselves as we are, we will have taken the first step towards health, towards life.
Acceptance is the first step.
Then integrate and live them because this is the only way to achieve the middle ground, the balance between asceticism and desires.
They need to integrate the physical part into their Being and stop living from ideals because they prevent us from living reality.
The human Being forms a totality – body, mind, soul and spirit – separation is not possible, although we create it.

Matter is part of creation with the same value as the spiritual aspect, it is our duty to bring our spiritual Being to the physical, and this is not possible by repressing this condition or fleeing from it.

Suggestions for affected people:
Talk to the mother, clarify and express her feelings.
Not feel obliged, under any circumstances, to be accountable to her mother.
If he had no choice, to get away from her mother so that he could live her life fully.
Affirmations: “I feel safe”, “I love myself and I am happy. I am a wonderful person”

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