The twelve thoracic vertebrae, emotional and spiritual meaning

Back and spine: This is where the Self resides, the physical expression of my own power, of my personality.
It also reflects the feeling of individual responsibility and the one we have with our loved ones.
Who am I in my environment?
Who or what do I represent in my world?
Do I have the feeling of being the pillar of my family?
I need support?
Any problem in the dorsal vertebrae will indicate a devaluation as a breadwinner.
Nobody values ​​me as a breadwinner.

“I don’t feel capable and nobody recognizes my effort. I feel like if I don’t do things, no one else will and the family will fall apart.

“No one helps me with this heavy load”
The twelve thoracic vertebrae:
T1 = Related to the kidney, esophagus, trachea, fingers, hands, forearm.
Conflicts regarding the not respected order of things, everything is messy, nobody respects order, I have to fix everything and I am very angry.
Right-handed: Anger and anger due to emotional deficiencies in relation to relatives or close people.
Left-handed: Rage and anger in relation to the outside.
T2 = Represents the heart, its valves and coronary arteries.

Conflict of power in the territory, of conquest and of defense, in direct relation to the paternal role. I feel devalued by my father regarding my ability to carry out my home, my family, my life.

My father doesn’t trust me.
Right: Affective deficiencies in relation to the father. “I feel like my father doesn’t love me”
On the left: In relation to the father or symbolic father. “I feel angry towards my father”
Survival conflicts in relation to the home.
T3 = Corresponds to the lungs, sinuses, bladder, ribs, bronchi and pleura.
Conflict with the mother, real or symbolic. I feel devalued by my mother regarding how I lead my life, my home, my family.
Right-handed: Affective deficiency in relation to the mother.

“I feel like my mother doesn’t trust me and that she doesn’t love me.”

Zurdo: “I feel anger towards my mother.
T4 = Related to the gallbladder.
Feelings of resentment, injustice and repressed anger. Non-acceptance of reality.
Not wanting to give our arm to twist: “I feel resentment towards someone but I neither forgive nor forget”
Right-handed:”I have a lot of resentment for …”
Zurdo: “I feel very angry towards …”
T5 = It corresponds to the solar plexus, the liver and the blood.
The solar plexus represents the father. “I need protection.”
The liver reflects deficiency conflicts of all kinds.
The blood symbolizes the family, the clan.
“I am not part of the clan.” “I am the black sheep of the family” “My family rejects me for being different” “I will starve without the support of my family”
T6 = Related to the stomach.
Recent conflict of danger in the territory.
Not being able to digest threatening and destabilizing words and deeds in one’s own territory. I do not mean that they do not understand me, that they make fun of me, that they contradict me.
Right-handed: “It saddens me that they don’t love me”
Zurdo: “It bothers me, it annoys me that they don’t love me”
T7 = Pancreas and duodenum.

Not being able to digest certain offenses, slander, gossip.

Resistance to something disgusting. Toxic affective food.
Right-handed: “I’m looking for people to love me”
Zurdo: “I feel angry with those around me”
T8 = Corresponds to the spleen (blood = family) Family ties: Represents my family relationships and my sense of belonging to the family. 
Communication problems in the family, in the clan.
“I do not feel part of my family” “I do not feel supported or understood by my family” “I feel sad for not having my family”
Right-handed: I am not able to decide and I am afraid to be wrong “
Zurdo: “It bothers me not to know how to decide or make a mistake”
T9 = Related to the adrenal glands.
Conflicts of doubt, indecision, direction to take in life and fear of being wrong.
What decision do I have to make?
T10 = Kidney, collecting canals.
Feeling of collapse of my territory or the lack of it, because I am in a bad economic situation. 

Deep fear of not knowing what to do, what decision to make, what path to follow in order to regain my territory.

T11 = Kidneys, ureter.
Conflicts for feeling unable to mark, defend or protect my territory (what I consider mine, home, work, partner, etc.) from someone who invades, steps on it or wants to get away from it. Difficulties defining what is mine.
I want to evacuate, remove all waste to the outside.
T12 = Related to the pubis, the small intestine and the uterine tubes.
Sexual conflict with devaluation and guilt because I feel it as something dirty, sinful.
Right-handed woman: “I feel guilty for not agreeing to have this type of sex”
Left-handed woman: “I feel angry with my partner for asking me for this type of sexuality”
Right-handed man: “I feel guilty for having asked my partner for this type of sex”
Left-handed man: “I feel angry with my partner for not having agreed to this type of sex”

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