There are three important moments related to the origin of symptoms and illnesses:
The first are the current conflicts that the individual is experiencing, those that have happened right before the initial appearance of the symptom. 
These are everyday experiences usually related to the person’s couple, family, work, etc.

The second stage in which we can find information is the period that goes from about six months before conception, pregnancy, birth and up to three years.

This stage is known as the Sense Project (it refers to the conscious or unconscious desires that our parents, and sometimes other close relatives, had before and during our conception and in the first three years of our existence).
Everything that happens during this period is recorded in the biological unconscious and can manifest itself in the form of a symptom or illness later in life.

And finally we have a third stage to examine that we call transgenerational, and which consists of the study of the genealogical tree formed by the father’s branch and the mother’s branch and which come together at the moment of conception. 

In this way we are forced to know everything that happens before this moment, the conflicts that the tree has not been able to resolve and that are passed, unconsciously, from generation to generation in order to heal it.
In order for us to discover the cause and the message behind an illness, we must then examine the three stages mentioned above (present time, conception-pregnancy-birth and transgenerational or family history).

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