ACID REFLUX and HEARTBURN, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is excess acid in the stomach that causes heartburn, eructation and sometimes gastric reflux.

The biological sense of producing more acid is to break down a “hard to digest morsel.” I have fed on something very heavy and indigestible.

As we know, the biological unconscious does not differentiate between real and symbolic, so if it perceives that I fed on something that emotionally has been very heavy, very indigestible, my stomach will also increase the secretion of gastric juice.

Conflict of indigestible disappointment: Indigestible disappointment is called those situations that we live that generate anger, anger and a feeling of injustice.

If I have heartburn, I have to ask myself in which area of ​​my life I am receiving an emotionally indigestible food, it can be my boss at work, my partner, my father, my coach, etc. Who says or does unacceptable things to me? What is the situation in my life “that I do not digest”?
Suppose that I am constantly living with someone who treats me badly, who criticizes me, who offends me if I’m wrong, or who orders me or shouts for things from me; internally I feel that this situation is mistreatment, it is unfair, it is something that I do not accept, but despite everything, I continue to maintain my relationship because I am afraid of separating or leaving my job, because I need it to live and I have to swallow my anger, my thoughts and continue to endure this indigestible bite that this person gives me.

Living all the time in a stressful situation, with people or circumstances that I do not tolerate, that I do not digest, makes me feel that life is a struggle, that I am fighting against something, against someone or against some attitudes of mine that bother me and how the emotional conflict is of not being able to digest something, we will damage the gastric mucosa, because obviously we will produce more gastric acid.

As its name indicates, heartburn is a sign that something, a situation, an event, a person burns us, makes us acidic, makes us angry.
“I feel the need to attack those around me”,  “I wanted to answer him, to defend myself”,
“I swallow my rage, my anger”,  “I am acid because I am invaded by all those around me”
The exterior is bitter, it attacks me and puts me in danger “I can also cause heartburn, in those situations in which i don’t know how to say “no” and I take on responsibilities that do not correspond to me and, instead of speaking to delegate or ask for help, I judge and criticize the behavior of others.
If you tend to have heartburn, you may be a person who complains and gets angry easily when something other than what you want or expect happens.

Therefore as long as you live all day angry, as long as you swallow and do not digest situations, you are at risk of damaging your stomach.

Therefore, the next time, before getting angry and burning inside, you have to become aware and learn to see things differently.
You have to change your attitude, your way of reacting, acting, perceiving your environment and discovering the causes of your anger, your distrust, your intolerance, your stress, discover why you do not digest certain situations and this will make you heal your stomach.
The person who suffers from heartburn needs to learn to incorporate, to accept the reality of life.
Lack of acids in the stomach: Opposition with the outside. “They devour me”

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  1. Unknown

    Beautiful de scription of the emotional cause. Yes, that is the real acid producer. Thank you for taking time to write this. You give a concise explaination which many may never consider being able to admit, I respect the eloquent display of courage in your delivery. The more general the cause the more we have in common. Similatities.Great ful!��

  2. Anonymous

    I'm so grateful for this website. I've been here many times before for various health issues. It always gives me lots of useful insights.

  3. Socialfuel

    Thanks for sharing these blogs with us, really all blogs are very nice…. I am really inspired from your blog hoping you will be there with more interesting post like this. I like your blog take on Beauty products topic is well-written and original. Thanking you for this.

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  4. Georgia

    I have been suffering from severe acid reflux for almost a year although in previous years my condition was mild.

    This article is so powerful and has encouraged me to search within my soul and identify a possible root cause of problem.

    Thank you so much for this message.

  5. Georgia

    I am suffering from severe acid reflux for almost a year. it has totally ruined every aspect of my life including my career.

    Reading this article has empowered me to search my soul and identity what really is bothering my peace.

    Thank you for this wonderful message.

  6. dudika

    Thank you so much . I admit it makes so much sense . Very much appreciated 🙏🏼❤

  7. Anonymous

    I think this is the healing inspiration i understood
    It is important to surrender, let go .. accept reality and understand what we think is a negative incident is actually a bridge , a step that is taking us to higher level..
    Accept everything ..
    And everything will accept you the way you are.

  8. Unknown

    Thank for this information. My pastor said to root cause. And your information help.

  9. 5656

    this is very accurate. thank you very much

  10. Unknown

    Thank you for raising my awareness to this root cause. Yes like so many have said… it makes total sense.. an attitude of acceptance. I thought I was.. but my body is telling me differently. Thank you for this information so the message is now.. not just loud.. but CLEAR as well.

  11. A. R. Pate

    Have you published a book on this topic? I don’t see a title, author, or link to purchase the book. Thank you for the great information. Please send a link to the book if there is one.

    1. Joman Romero

      Hello, at the end of each post you will find the Amazon link.