EYES diseases, emotional and spiritual meaning

They are the organs of vision. They are considered the mirror of the soul.
They doesn´t only collect impressions from outside, but also express any emotions and feelings that are experienced within.
Through the eyes, we immediately recognize emotions such as anger, fear, anger or love.
The eyes represent the ability one has to focus on life and see others.

All eye diseases tell us about our inability to see life objectively; they highlight our point of view and our way of seeing things and situations as they really are.

Red eyes: They warn me of the loss of vision of a distant, territory (company, team, land), related to obedience to certain orders that affect the family.
It also tells me that I want to see someone that, for whatever reason, I cannot see.
“I can’t see my children because they are far away”
Dry eyes: This symptom reflects the state of anger and rage that I feel for something dirty that I have seen. 
Someone I love has done something so painful and outrageous to me that I unconsciously refuse to look at him lovingly again and therefore am unable to forgive him.
“I feel hurt, resentful”, “I resist seeing him from love”,
“I’d rather die than give in and forgive”
I do not accept others as they are and I see them with anger because they do not do what I want.
Another characteristic of people who have dry eyes is that they are very intransigent and intolerant: “I do not accept others as they are and I see them with anger, because they do not do what I want

Ulcers: They express to us that we have experienced an emotional conflict of serious visual separation.

“I have definitely lost someone out of sight”
Scleritis: The sclera helps shape the eye, as well as being the structure that protects all its internal elements.
Inflammation in this part of the eye tells us that we have experienced an emotional conflict of lack of visual protection.
I feel angry at the loss of visual territory (something I consider mine) and I am unable to defend it.
Pain in the eyes: The physical pain in the eye is the reflection of the emotional pain that I feel because of what is happening to me and that I do not want to see.
“I try to flee from life since I do not accept to see what it is like”
Exophthalmia or large bulging eyes: The muscles that surround the eyes are in a permanent state of shock; reflect an expression of fear as a result of experiences lived in childhood.

It is similar to the conflictive situation that the prey experiences that increases its visual field to see the danger coming, anticipate and be able to escape in time from the predator.

“I must catch the image of danger as quickly as possible.”
Blindness: When it is afraid, the ostrich prefers not to see anything and hides its head under the sand.
Due to shock, trauma, etc., I resist seeing, in order to avoid confronting reality.
I don’t want to accept what my eyes show me.
Was it necessary to hide my presence in my mother’s womb?
Myasthenia: It expresses a conflict of powerlessness before something we see.
Trichiasis: it is a common anomaly of the eyelid in which the direction of the eyelashes is misdirected; they bend towards the eye, irritating the conjunctiva.
They manifest a situation of separation and guilt.

I keep my vision skewed, because I feel guilty about “having seen something or someone or those they saw us.”

Amblyopia: also called lazy eye, is defined as a decrease in visual acuity without there being any organic lesion that justifies it.
It usually reflects the child’s deep desire to unite what he sees as separate.
“I want to unite my father and my mother.”
Nystagmus: Nystagmus is an involuntary and uncontrolled movement of the eyes.
The movement can be horizontal, vertical, rotary, oblique, or a combination of these.
I must take into account the moment that this symptom first appeared.
And find out if it coincided with a period in which I was living in a dangerous situation.
And that I searched, non-stop, among all the possibilities that were offered to me to be able to move forward.
“I can’t look things straight ahead, the danger comes from different parts”,
“I don’t know where to look!”,
“Survival depends on my balance; I have to stay stable “,
” I must watch the entire width of my territory”
Color blindness: This symptom manifests the inability of a person to distinguish the difference between certain colors.

Most of the time, the color that is not well distinguished maintains a connection with a traumatic experience in which, really or symbolically, that color was present.

Example: an alcoholic father, addicted to red wine.
As a consequence, the color red represents for me fear, horror, shame, disappointment, etc. 
Therefore, my unconscious, so that I do not suffer stress again, prevents me from seeing that color.
Blurred vision: tells me about a disappointment.
I had a person on top of a pedestal, I admired him, for his intelligence, his friendliness, his.kindness, etc.
But, something has heppened that all my admiration has collapsed, I have suffered a great disappointment.
Teary eyes: in what aspect do Inot feel considered, seen, but rather that Iam being ignored?
I am living a very difficult situation, where I am having a very bad time around me are not valuing me, helping me or not considerin me.
Watery eyes: In what respect do I not feel considered, seen, but rather feel ignored? I am living a very difficult situation, where I am having a very dad time, but those around me are not valuing me, or are not considering me.
It can also be the consequence of allergic conjunctivitis.
What or who do I feel separated from visually? What do I want to clean or wash
Uveitis: It is an inflammation inside the eye and, therefore, is related to emotions of anger and rage.
It warns me about a visual separation conflict due to not being able to see the desired target.
It can also indicate that I am living a situation to which I do not see the end.

It can also refer to forced eye contact, that is, seeing someone I do not want to see or having seen something unwanted.

Meaning of the laterality of the eyes:
In right-handed people, in left-handed people the other way around:
Left eye: Represents my surroundings.
It is related to defense and danger, look far away to shoot.
It is the eye that directs movement and identifies enemies.
“I don’t like the image I give.” There is something I want to get out of my sight.
Right eye: It represents me and mine.
It is the eye of recognition and affectivity, the one that memorizes and compares faces.
It allows me to see the affection that I give or that others give me.
It is linked to children, family, friends and our identity. “I don’t like the image I give to others.”,
There is something I would like to bring closer to my sight.
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  1. Unknown

    This is amazing! Thank you!

  2. Unknown

    Pain in left eye also eyesight has become weak.. Possible reason

  3. Joman Romero

    Pain in the left eye, in a right-handed person, is related to fear of seeing something. Danger. It can refer to work or something specific.

  4. Bhakti

    Any idea about xanthelasma?

  5. Joman Romero

    It could be something like this:
    Concern for aesthetics.
    She often returns from dissatisfaction with not being able to see herself as the person wants.
    You can check the meaning of eyelids. Regards

  6. Anna

    I would love to know about Watery Eyes, or eyes that frequently continuously watering or tearing up. Thank you

  7. Joman Romero

    Hi, It may be due to any of these symptoms: lacrimal glands, allergy, conjunctivitis, Ectropion and Entropion

  8. RunningViolet

    Could you please comment on possible cause of spontaneous subconjunctivial hemorrhage? And if it matters which eye in which this happens? Thank you xo

  9. Joman Romero

    Hello, when there is bleeding it is always an emotional conflict related to the family because there is blood and this represents the family clan. "I want to stop seeing my family."You can read the label conjunctivitis.
    LEFT EYE: (Right-handed person) It directs the movement, looks at the enemy, it is the eye that warns us of a danger in sight, that puts us on the defensive in the face of aggression. It’s a warning that we’re close to the enemy.
    RIGHT EYE: (Right-handed person) Memorize, look at friends, compare faces. It is related to our children, our friends, our neighbors, our identity. It is the eye with which I identify the affection that I receive.
    Excuse me, if you find any grammatical error, my level of English is elementary

  10. Anonymous

    What about years of light sensitivity ? Eyes are very sensitive to light and have to wear sunglasses every day.

  11. Joman Romero

    Conflict with the light, with the father (sun) The Sun, symbolically represents the father

  12. Unknown

    What about keratoconus or cornea defects? Right now my right eye is really painful and sensitive.

  13. Joman Romero

    Hello, you can look at the eye tag, the cornea post. Regards

  14. Anonymous

    Thanks but do you mean conflict with my paternal father ? or the Father God as in the Bible ?

  15. Joman Romero

    To your real or symbolic physical father. Your mother or a grandfather, an uncle, can also represent your father.

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks for your replies.So how do i attempt to get rid of my affliction ? What do i have to do ?
    I also feel my light sensitivity is from Electrical Magnetic Field sensitivity.Especially when using a computer and the screen.

  17. Joman Romero

    Hi, sorry but my level of English is elementary. I think the best thing to do is go to a biological decoder of diseases in your country or, perhaps, to an expert regression therapist to find the origin of your symptom. Regards

  18. sarah

    Hello, I am curious about burst blood vessels in the eye.

  19. Joman Romero

    Hello, blood represents family. It probably means that you don't want to see someone from your family or you don't want to see them within your clan.

  20. vision associates

    You have a genuine capacity to compose a substance that is useful for us. You have shared an amazing post about eye disease. Much obliged to you for your endeavors in sharing such information with us. pediatric optometrist toledo

  21. Özgür

    Hi Joman! Amazing site, the reason of congenital droopy eyelid(ptosis)?

  22. Özgür

    Hi Joman! Amazing site, thank you. The reason for congenital droopy left eyelid(ptosis)? Maybe karmic-past life issue? Thanks!

  23. Joman Romero

    Hello Özgür, your question can be found on the Eyelids label. Thanks for your kind words. Regards

  24. Anonymous123

    What is the reason of hypermetropia and low vision.

  25. Joman Romero

    Hyperopia or hypermetropia is found on the Eyes label

  26. Kimmistars

    I was wondering what the spiritual meaning behind a jelly like growth on the eyeball means.
    I know it has something to do with anger, is it not letting go? Holding onto resentment etc.
    Many thanks in advance x

  27. Joman Romero

    Hello, what has been the medical diagnosis?

  28. Unknown

    Hi, what does it mean to have decreasing vision over time. I'm 18 and I'm neither nearsighted nor farsighted, everything is very blurry except up close. My vision is getting worse with each year. Thank you:)

  29. Joman Romero

    HI, I think it would be important for you to get a medical diagnosis. It could be cataracts even though you are very young. If you have difficulty seeing far away, it indicates fear of the future, of what may come. You have to try to create in the present what you want and trust in yourself and in life.

  30. Unknown

    Thank you for this!! What would be the spiritual meaning behind retinal detachments and retinal tears?

  31. Joman Romero

    Hi, inside the tag "eyes" you will find a post in which I talk about retinal problems. Regards

  32. Unknown

    Hi there, i am 36 and have uveitis which has caused permanent damage on my left eye and have now found out it is starting on my right eye, all blood tests that can possibly done has come back clear, mri scan ct scan and chest scan is all clear… i am currently on back on 70mgs of prendisone to stop the inflamation but once i stop that it comes back so had to go back on again.. any idea of the spiritual meaning behind this?

  33. Joman Romero

    Hi, if I have a problem in one of my eyes, it means that I do not want to see a conflict related to the corresponding eye (or I want to see something that I do not see). When there is inflammation it means that what I have seen has caused me anger, rage and my body is repairing my eyes.
    THE LEFT EYE (In a right-handed person):
    It is related to the image that I have or that I give, of myself. Direct the movement, look at the enemies, look into the distance to shoot, it is the eye that defends me from danger, the one that warns me of a threat nearby.
    THE RIGHT EYE (In a right-handed person):

    It has to do with my collaterals. Memorize, compare the known and unknown faces, look at my friends, it is related to my parents, my children, my neighbors, my friends, my identity, it represents the recognition that I give to others, it is the eye that shows my affections.
    How do I release that biological emotion ?:
    I accept that life is the way it is and by refusing to see it I will gain nothing. I live in coherence with joy. I love everything that happens to me, be it good or bad (Since we don't really know what will be best for us). I accept that it is up to me to heal my eyes. Regards

  34. Anonymous

    hello what is spiritual / emotional root cause or significance of ptsosis over time, and also exotropia? thank you so much, this is all such informative information

  35. Joman Romero

    Hi, I answer your questions, Regards
    Do not lose sight of something, a danger, that happens to my sides (collaterals).
    Conflicts of betrayal of someone close.

    Conflict of helplessness over something I see.
    Refusing to look at this world that we consider childish and immature, with resignation.
    Shades of "danger"
    Not being able to see things that seem horrible, ugly or aggressive to me: “I won't be able to see myself again
    "I will not be able to see such a person again."

  36. Anonymous

    Hi! What about Dacryocystitis / Or the inner corners of the eyes being incredibly itchy for days at a time? (both eyes)

  37. Joman Romero

    Hi, I think you can find the meaning if you look and read lacrimal glands,

  38. Lisa

    Hi, Please could you give me some insight into the emotional/spiritual cause of paralysis to the right eye ball (nerve damage) causing double vision, for my husband. Many Thanks for your help, Lisa

  39. Joman Romero

    Hi Lisa, it is very difficult to know exactly the origin of your husband's double vision symptom in the distance but I can offer you some clues that, perhaps, can help you discover the emotional conflict that he is experiencing.
    He is perceiving a visual danger and therefore his vision is double because he needs to look at several points at the same time to be able to prevent where the attack will come from. He seems like he feels attacked in various ways or by different people.
    I hope I can help you with this comment.

  40. Unknown

    nothing about retnia. I fell and my head hit the wall, now the gelantinous substance of the eye is tearing away and I see flashes of light in my periphial vision, all since the fall. I can find nothing adressing the retina

  41. Rhonda

    Hi, I have what seems to be a wart growing on my left eyelid,on the lashing. It was small, I had it removed, the lady says they usually grow back with a vengeance and it has it cover more than half of my eye. Could there be something connected to it, like the other eye issues?

  42. Joman Romero

    Hi, I suggest you read carefully the labels corresponding to "warts" and "eyelids" so that you can draw a conclusion about the meaning of your symptom.

  43. Anonymous

    Hi Joman amazing content,thank you. was wondering if you could advise regarding the spiritual meaning of dark circles and hyperpigmentation around the eyes,as nothing seems to work on them..thanks a lot 😊

  44. Joman Romero

    Hi, dark circles appear when "I want to close my eyes to what happens (or happened to me)". I feel like I can't with the weight I carry, I would like to cry and I do it inside. I feel exhausted and see no way out. When dark circles appear, there is a relationship with the blood vessels in that area, that is to say that the problem that weighs me down is in my territory or has to do with "someone of my blood", that is, my family.
    Do you belong to a clan in which "dirty laundry is hidden", "that is not talked about"? Do you tend to hide reality from yourself for fear of what you can see?
    Maybe it's time to cry something that you didn't cry at the time to come out of the pain renewed, or to be able to find a valid interlocutor to talk about what overwhelms you.
    Open your eyes. Say: “I am willing to see”, “everything is fine in my life”. Remember that "good" is not necessarily what you want, "good" is your willingness to leave the past to start being happy.

  45. Al

    Hi Joman,

    Thank you for this true treasure trove of intuitive guidance. I am very grateful you have created it.

    A few weeks ago, I got very stressed with a situation in my life and then became suddenly ill. I was very fatigued with a slightly sore throat for three days and simply slept. Just as I was beginning to recover, I noticed that the pupil in my right eye was smaller than the other and this eye has since remained so and also markedly smaller than it usually is. I have also been very tired and experienced neurological symptoms of tingling in my hands and feet and a warm feeling in my lower back.

    My vision is fine and the scans have come back fine. The doctors I have seen suspect a case of transient Horner’s syndrome.
    What metaphysical meaning do you see here and what might the way of healing be, starting from me changing my mind and releasing emotions?

    1. Joman Romero

      Hi,thank you very much for your kind words.
      I think it is about the healing phase of a visual separation conflict that you have experienced.
      So that you can understand it better, I suggest you read the publications related to the hands (what we do), legs (they tell us about difficulties in going or not going to a place) and, of course, Eyelids Ptosis (protection).
      I hope your conscience is enlightened and you understand the message of your soul.
      To heal you have three options: change the situation, if possible, get away from it permanently or accept it.
      A hug

      1. Al

        Hi Joman,
        Thank you very much for your insightful response. The fact that this eye issue indicates a healing phase of a separation conflict that I have experienced resonates with me, especially in terms of trying to integrate two points of view or what I am trying to see now, from a more integrated point of view.
        Thank you also for directing me to your helpful posts about the hands, legs, and eyelids. I will keep returning to this guidance you have provided, as I continue to make sense of what kind of message my soul is trying to communicate.
        A hug to you, too, and all the very best

  46. Jess

    My dog has a uveal cyst that has appeared in the lower part of his pupil of the right eye. I’m looking into the metaphysical/emotional cause so that I may get to the root of it for optimal healing and would greatly appreciate your insight. Many thanks!

    1. Jess

      Would uveal cyst fall under the category of ulcer?? Similar metaphysical/emotional cause? Or different all together? I look forward to your reply!

      1. Joman Romero

        Hi, the biological meaning of the cyst is protection. Regards

        1. Jess

          Thank you greatly! Protection aligns for sure. He’s truly a sensitive guy and picks up on the smallest things. His awareness to the any energetic shift is beyond heightened which at times I know can make him feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. I wonder if it is the need for additional protection and advocacy that this cyst is manifesting or perhaps rather it is his protection of me that is at the root.. he is certainly reluctant to let me out of his sight and I see often his efforts to defuse other individual’s low vibrational energies from escalating when in relation to me. He will almost always step between to pacify.
          I’d be extremely grateful for any further insight or resources regarding the topic of cysts and their metaphysical correlations. Again, many thanks!

  47. gerard

    Hello Joman, thank you for everything you write.
    My patients suffer from seeing tiny little dots in their vision, called ‘visual snow.’
    Do you know the meaning of that?

    Thank you, Gerard Alderliefste

    1. Joman Romero

      Hi Gerard, sorry. I have no concrete information on the emotional origin of “visual snow”.
      If I discover something about this symptom, I will notify you through your email.

      1. Gerard

        Thank you very much. To complete the visual snow syndrome: they often also experience floaters ( = mouches volantes) and tnnitus , or sometimes aura’s and after-images. And they are always anxious, giving rise to hyper-focus on symptoms…
        Thanks again, Gerard

  48. Alyssa

    Do you do readings?

    1. Joman Romero