STYE, emotional and spiritual meaning


A stye is a reddened lump that appears on the edge of the eyelids.

Is caused by the obstruction of the glands (Meibomian) that are located on the edge of the eyelashes.

I am experiencing an emotional conflict of visual separation.

There is something I see and I don’t want to see.

Or, on the contrary, I would like to see something or someone and I can’t.

The stye appears when I have lived or am living a situation that I do not want to see because it makes me sad, angry or dirty.

When a stye appears, it warns me that I am experiencing an emotional conflict that I consider dishonorable, an outrage or an offense.

“I have seen something that I did not like at all”, “I feel dirty because of something disgusting that I had to see”, “I have problems in my marriage or with my partner”, “I saw something that made me angry”, “I do not want to accept or assimilate something that I am seeing in my life and I want it to disappear”, “I only like to see things that interest me”

A stye can also manifest itself when I get angry and blame myself because “I should have seen something and I didn’t.

For example: I should have seen before that he cheated on me, I should have seen that betrayal before, etc.

It is important to take into account the laterality of the affected eye:

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