ANEMIA, emotional and spiritual meaning


At the biological level, iron is involved in the constitution of hemoglobin and its main function is to carry oxygen from the respiratory organs to all the other organs and tissues of the body.
Therefore, oxygen is related to life (oxygen) and death (lack of oxygen). If we lack the adequate amount of hemoglobin in the blood,
it is because there is someone in the family clan who we would like oxygen not to reach; that we prefer to exclude, expel from the clan.
As hemoglobin is found in red blood cells, when these undergo alterations it is because there is a climate of life or death, be it real or symbolic, because we want the exclusion of a member of the family (symbolic death) or, the contrary, because we want to give oxygen to someone in the family so that they can continue to live. For example, when a member is very serious, possibly with respiratory problems, and unconsciously, we want to give it our oxygen so that it recovers.
To whom do I unconsciously wish to supply oxygen to save their life?

The meaning of anemia is to preserve the survival of the clan or my offspring over my own. I must leave the resources of life for someone else to take advantage of them.

If I present anemia, it means that I feel devalued with respect to what was my reason to live, I no longer feel the spirit for life or I do not feel that spirit with respect to what I have to live.
It expresses to me that I am worthless or that I am a hindrance. In addition, I feel devalued with respect to other members of the family or situations and conflicts that have arisen in the clan.
Therefore, I put the needs of others above my own to avoid problems, so as not to disturb the family.

“I have the feeling of being a nuisance,

I don’t want to disturb my family, I have to live as little as possible”, “My family cannot be free enough, happy, etc. because I am causing them discomfort, problems”
Anemia due to lack of iron and minerals: Iron symbolizes strength and weapons.
It tells me that I devalue myself because I want to do something but I cannot carry it out because I think it is not to the liking of someone around me. “I cannot carry out my wishes for fear of hurting my loved ones”, “I do not do what I want because if I did it could displease my father”
It also tells me that I have no right to fight to get out of this suffocating situation.
If I have anemia due to lack of iron, it shows me that I do not receive enough affection from my father or mother (calcium, paternal function + magnesium, maternal function), or that I do not feel like a good mother or a good father.
They may love me, but I do not feel that way, I need to be hugged, told that they love me, I need emotional strength, that they show me that I am a good father or mother, or, at least, that they do not devalue me in the face of my ability, to be able to do it. “My family suffocates me, they don’t support me”, “I need help in my role as a mother”.

Otherwise, anemia also expresses to me that I live in a toxic family environment, which suffocates me, which prevents me from breathing well.

Who sucks my blood? “I drown inside this family”
Pernicious or Biermer anemia: it is the result of the lack of absorption of vitamin B12 and affects mainly the elderly. Normally, it is related to an “indigestible” situation that has not been overcome. 
The consequence has been the loss of will to live or to enjoy life. “I must leave the resources of life for someone else to take advantage of them”
Thalassemia: this is an anemia caused by abnormal hemoglobin production.
Normally its origin is found in the genealogical tree and it tells us about situations experienced in the clan related to the lack of food or insufficient sustenance to be able to feed all the members of the family and the solution is to have to eliminate a child because there is too many to feed. 

The next offspring come with the belief that they are a hindrance to the family and therefore devalue themselves.

In addition, we must find out if there have been stories in the clan related to problems of contact with water (river, sea, etc.) where serious accidents have occurred and even caused the death by drowning of a member of the clan with whom I have an affinity.
Likewise, we have to look for a mother who lost a young child or a child who was abandoned or lost his mother. 
In general, anemia tells us that we regress or refuse to move forward because we do not find the emotional meaning of life and action.
It affects people with a lack of self-confidence, lacking courage and joy, to face life.
They are usually individuals with a sweet and dreamy character and who, therefore, have great difficulties in surrendering to concrete physical reality. 
They lack motivation, either because they feel discouraged or because they perceive that they are not understood, or perhaps because of their own vital anguish.
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