KNEE pain, emotional and spiritual meaning

The knees represent flexibility, pride, modesty and humility. Kneeling is a manifestation of humility, of subordination to the laws of life, while not wanting to bend the knees indicates a proud, inflexible attitude.
They are linked to our ability to give in, let go or back down to achieve our goal.
Any symptoms in them mean that I cannot be flexible, that they hurt my self-esteem or that they hurt my pride.

I am experiencing an emotional conflict of devaluation with respect to something that “I force myself to do” or that “they force me to do”.

It is a sample of my “submission”
I feel that I must deliver results and that if I stop doing something I disappoint others and fail myself.
I complain and I can protest, demand, I can even say or shout that I will no longer do this or that thing, but I continue to do it.
We mainly have four types of emotional conflicts that affect the knee:

In the first place, if we have any discomfort, it warns us of an attitude of “submission” and obedience to an authority that puts us at a crossroads, because we cannot obey (give in) or confront it.

“I can’t do what I want”, “I submit, I am obliged to live on my knees, to always kneel”, “I feel obliged to take care of my mother or father; I cannot make a living by taking care of my parents”, “I refuse to leave home”, “I feel obliged to take care of my children, even though they are already older”, 
“I force myself to take care of my grandchildren when they are not my responsibility”,  “I am forced to visit my mother every weekend”

Secondly, the pain in the knees tells us that we are experiencing devaluation, especially in reference to some unwanted and unsatisfactory results obtained.

That is, they were not the results that we should obtain.
“I value myself very little in the sport; I don’t get to use my knees as I should”,
“This sport that I can’t do anymore”
Another issue that can affect our knees is the discrepancy with the authority represented in the father, especially during adolescence, it shows us how we face obedience or not to authority.
Likewise, we may feel discomfort when facing a change of direction in life.
(The knees play a very important role when making a change of direction) or what is the same, making decisions, making choices (professional, sentimental, sexual, but always with an emotional connotation). 

For example, when we have taken a direction, against our wishes, that is, in some way we have felt obliged, forced to take it and this devalues ​​us.

“I doubt, I am undecided between going to the right or to the left; which direction to take?   
I’m not on the right track”
Synovial effusion: it tells us that, symbolically, we manufacture more liquid to try to make submission more bearable, smoother. 
When there is a synovial effusion, it means that I was submissive and knelt before something or someone.
“I agree to submit, but sweetly, please, a little more humanity”
Arthrosis of the knee: If I have arthrosis in my knee, it is because I do not respect myself enough and I am not responsible for myself and my life. I spend the day blaming others for everything that happens to me.
Articular cartilage: its function is to protect… “I don’t have protection or I don’t know how to protect myself from authority”
Ligaments: The knee ligaments warn us of a circumstance of submission and obedience related to the future.
“When will I achieve my autonomy?”
If, in addition, it affects the internal side, it indicates that I feel anger.
For right-handers (the other way around for left-handers): In the right knee, he speaks of an affective problem, in the left, of a dangerous situation.

Cruciate ligaments: if we have any discomfort, it warns us that we are suffering devaluation due to various paths that cross in my life; I am forced to choose between two different projects that can mark my life.

Example, crossroads, glances, etc.
Dislocation: if I suffer a knee dislocation, it informs me that I am blocked with respect to a direction to take and that this situation devalues ​​me with respect to the future.
Popliteal gap: I do not want to kneel (submit) for a matter of territory. Example: taking care of someone against my will.

Tibial plateaus: It is shaped like a scale and symbolically represents justice. Submission Conflict: I am forced to accept an unfair situation. “I can’t do what I want.” “I can or I can not…”

Bursitis: Inflammation of the bursa or synovial sac. it warns me of a problem of repressed anger, by wanting to hit someone. I have to learn to make decisions for myself and know what I want or do not want.

Cancer: it tells us about a great devaluation related to obedience and submission.

It may be related to a conflict in which the knee must be protected from blows.

Laterality, Right knee in a right-handed person:“I wanted to leave, I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t.” It informs us of a “wish” that I have not been able to fulfill.
What do they force me to do?
Left knee in a right-handed person: “I’m going, but I’m sorry I did.” It tells us of an “action” that we regret.
What am I forcing myself to do?
If it is a left-handed laterality, it is the other way around.
People with affected knees “always” do things that someone else requires them to do, or they are the ones who force themselves to do it.
Often they use the words: “I have to” and “I must of” and added to it a justification, “for the others”
They do not do things out of love, but out of obligation, and they are so superb that they first die that “stop doing what others already know that I always do”,
“I have to make the food, because I have always made it”,
“I have to accompany my mother to the doctor, because that is how she likes it”, “I have to take my grandson to school because my daughter can’t, because the poor thing comes in so early to work.

Almost in all probability, people with affected knees have witnessed an act in childhood in which a loved one was subdued and humiliated by another, something that produced a great impact on them.

After that experience he promised himself that he would never subordinate himself to anyone.

In serious conditions, it is necessary to consult and find out if we have inherited any program related to submission from an ancestor with whom we have an affinity.

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