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The natural cure of cancer is simply ignored for dogmatic reasons, so that cancer continues to be a disease from which one must die and through which the patient continues to be manipulated. Dr. Hamer

Cancer, to this day, continues to be one of the most important pending subjects for scientists. Huge amounts of resources have been devoted to its study with little therapeutic results.
Today it is still considered as the great “bogeyman” of humanity as a devastating disease and, almost everyone is terrified of being able to contract it.
But what is cancer?
What is known at the social level about this disease?
It is still believed that there is no cure (if it is not arrived in time, they say), and that
it is necessary to undergo a medical protocol that includes chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy, plus subsequent treatment for several years.
In addition, they tell us, we must pray that it does not return or that it does not invade other organs (metastasis), which leaves those who have it quite depressed and discouraged.
That is, from the moment the cancer is diagnosed, a struggle between life and death begins in the individual.

Many people still believe that this disease has an external origin and they attribute it to food, microwave radiation, telephone antennas and even solar radiation, but this is not the case.

According to Dr. R. Hamer, cancer originates as a result of a personal tragedy (such as the one he experienced himself, the death of his son).
It is an unexpected, high-intensity emotional impact that catches the person completely unprepared and, furthermore, due to their education, their fears, their beliefs, etc.
it is not allowed to express her suffering.

Rather, he lives it in inner isolation; he keeps it within himself, without sharing it with the people around him.

And furthermore, you can’t find a solution, you can’t do anything, you can’t see the way out.
Of course, we are not talking about a minor conflict, no.
It is always a tremendously strong and heartbreaking experience that the person has been unable to bear, such as the death of a loved one, an unexpected separation, the betrayal of someone we trusted blindly, an infidelity of our partner whom we love deeply or the loss of a job, a house, a property, money, etc.
This blow will gradually affect the entire psychological structure of the person and will damage his ability to experience the joy of living.
Without a doubt, it must be said that not all emotional impacts produce cancer or any other serious disease, no.
It depends on how the person reacts, how they cope, depending on their way of being, their strength, beliefs, etc.
It is still believed that it is the tumor that kills the person, but in reality it is not.

What can kill is the dramatic emotional conflict that he experienced which sapped his strength, weakened him and undermined his desire to continue living. Undoubtedly, if the conflict lasts his energy will diminish and, eventually, he dies from energy depletion, not from the tumor.

As you can understand, such a situation cannot be cured with medicines (radiotherapy, chemotherapy), which by the way, have very important side effects due to their toxicity.
And what they do is weakens the immune system of the person, which as we have said was already quite deteriorated by suffering, due to the emotional impact that it experienced.
Following the judgment and experience of Dr. Hamer, all diseases have a special biological meaning and purpose that can be explained and understood through biology, embryology, and evolutionary tasks.

He considers the disease as a natural biological process that the organism sets in motion when it suffers a strong, unexpected traumatic shock, capable of generating what he would call a “biological conflict”. 

Conflict that while not resolved leads the body to respond with a series of changes in its cells that can cause various pathologies, cancer included.
However, when that conflict is resolved in a definitive way and there are no relapses, a healing process is entered.
Thus, the patient once he has known and understood the how and why of his illness it is enough to follow a few simple non-aggressive therapeutic measures to heal.
With which it is possible to conclude that a disease is not a problem, it is a solution, it is a biological attempt at a solution.
And the same happens with animals, since biologically speaking, they are identical to humans.
I want to give you the example of a desperately hungry animal that chokes a bone of its prey in its throat.
Immediately its brain will activate what is known as a “survival program” and will begin to develop a large number of new cells (tumor) to achieve greater effectiveness in the crushing and decomposition of bone that allows the animal to continue eating normally.

If the conflict is resolved, the program disappears, because it has already fulfilled its objective, its meaning for which it was created; that is to say, what we call disease is cured.

But if the bone is large and the cells fail to be effective in their task of destroying it, the brain will continue to increase their production, so the tumor will increase and the animal will not survive.
It happens to people exactly the same, but instead of being a difficult food to digest, what it is about is very strong emotions that we cannot swallow, accept, digest, etc.
Taking into account that for the unconscious the real and the symbolic are the same, the brain in the face of an indigestible conflict immediately activates the survival program, and will begin to secrete cancer cells in order to digest what it feels as “indigestible”.
And the same happens after a conflict of “fear of dying”, a tumor will quickly form in the pulmonary alveoli in order to be able to trap more oxygen and prevent it from dying.
In the same way, if I lose my job and I feel it as a fear of lack, due to lack of money, liver cancer will form, to somehow try to enlarge the pantry to store more food.

Once the person with cancer becomes aware and finds the emotional conflict, expresses his pain, his fear and also finds a new job, the biological survival program is deactivated and the tumor goes into remission and the cells of the body begin to regenerate.

How can the metastasis hypothesis be explained from this perspective?
The theory of conventional medicine is based on the claim that cancer cells from a primary tumor travel through the blood or lymphatic vessels to other parts of the body where they cause a cancerous growth in the new organ.
Dr. Hamer’s research clearly shows that each cell proliferation (cancer) is related to a specific biological conflict.
It is known from the science of histology and embryology that under no circumstances can cells cross the threshold of their germ layer and therefore, a kidney cell, a bone cell, or a breast cell cannot be transformed into a liver cell, etc.
Therefore, what is known as metastasis, does not refer to cells traveling from one part of the body to another, but refers, as Dr. Hamer discovered, to new conflicts unleashed from the original cancer.
For example: A person is diagnosed with a brain tumor and, reading the statistics on the internet about the chances of being alive with this symptom and listening to the comments of the doctors, he begins to feel intense fear of dying, then he will develop a new cancer in the pulmonary alveoli, which will have the biological sense of saving your life.

Another case would be that of a man diagnosed with prostate cancer and, as a consequence, he begins to worry about his masculine sexual aspect, which causes him to fall into a greater devaluation and develops bone cancer since his structure as a man is coming down.

With which it is shown that there is no such anarchy in our biology that is talked about but, on the contrary, everything happens from a behavior totally ordered by our brain based on the experiences we have lived and that, therefore If other tumors appear, they have nothing to do with the original cancer, but are due to other dramatic conflicts that the individual has subsequently experienced.
And this, in addition, is endorsed by Dr. Hamer referring to the life cycle of cells that, as is known, never live more than five years.

How is it possible that after attacking and destroying cells, “good and bad” with artillery cannons (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy) metastasis appears 8 or 10 years after the original cancer, thus mocking its life cycle?

Is it possible to conceive such chaos in the human body that, as everyone knows, is the most perfect machine imaginable?
I want to emphasize that the majority of cancer cases are due to their own emotional impacts, but in those cases that the individual does not recognize having lived a dramatic experience like the ones I have described or, in those children who are already born with this disease, we will have to analyze the Sense Project, to discover if it was our mother who lived it or to turn to our genealogical tree to analyze if it is a program that we have inherited from an ancestor.
To conclude, I would like to emphasize that cancer is a disease that, like any other, is totally curable, although it is, and must be recognized, a more painful and longer process.
Generally, the time it takes for a tumor manifest ranges from 6 months to 1 year, after the dramatic event occurred to the person.
I absolutely want to make it clear that there is no need to pay any attention to that phrase that has already become a refrain of “if it is discovered in time.”
No, it has nothing to do with the healing process.

And of course it is not, at all, about waging a war against cancer, but rather we must understand it.

Healing depends exclusively on the sick person, because only she will be able to face the emotional situation that made her sick, creatively, only she will be able to express the true feelings that she repressed and that were the ones that made her sick.
And by freeing itself from them, the brain will immediately deactivate the biological survival program.

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    Thank you, I am a Health Coach, and I understand your information very clearly. Hopefully more people are open to understand the connection with our emotions and disease. Thank you vey much.