FEMUR, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is located in the thigh and the longest bone in the human body.
The femur is the main structure of my progress; it is the bone that supports my hip, the bone that as part of my legs allows me to walk, sit, move, etc.

The problems in this bone always start from a conflict of devaluation or self-devaluation.

They especially affect older people, parents and grandparents who have been disrespecting themselves for many years, that is, devaluing themselves or allowing them to devalue them.
We all know older couples who only stay together because they don’t want to separate so as not to “make their children suffer” or because they hold the belief that “marriage is forever.”
Thus, they remain living together in the same house, but they cannot stand each other, they cannot tolerate each other and in many cases, they do not even talk to each other.

Another conflict that devalues ​​older people occurs when children or grandchildren assume that they no longer feel able to ask for what they need or to function on their own.

Mom, do you need something, do you want me to bring you something?
Grandma, did you eat, did you take the pills?
Why do I have to do what they tell me? I’m old enough to decide for myself.
Other beliefs that damage the femur: “I feel like I’m not going anywhere, I’m living to live, I’ve lived long enough”
I feel that I can no longer do what I used to do and that I liked so much, I can no longer go where I liked to go, now I need to be taken or accompanied.

I cannot allow them to discover that I can no longer do this or that, much less make fun of me because I was always strong.

Head of the femur: The femur is the main structure of my advancement.
I am living a conflict of sexual opposition, I feel that I am good at sexuality, but not so good, it is a conflict of “forward-backward”. “It’s too pretty to be true.” “I am opposed to that type of sexuality, that position I detest”
If it is a fracture of the head of the femur, the devaluation is much greater. My sexual partner completely devalues ​​me and has done so for a long time.

Neck of the femur: It indicates to me that I am living a devaluation conflict. I cannot bear a specific situation; I cannot do what they ask me because I do not feel capable.

Osteochondritis dissecans of the head of the femur: It commonly affects people who have the false belief that they “should” take care of their parents, bathe them, and feed them, etc., although internally they are opposed.
“I can’t handle my mother’s load.”
Devaluation conflict: I can no longer impose myself against my partner (partner, husband, etc.).
Maybe he already died, or abandoned me.

Greater trochanter: I feel devalued because I believed that what I had to live through would be easier to bear, to accept to overcome. 

Lesser trochanter: I feel devalued because I thought I would receive more support, company, etc.
Trochlea: Devaluation conflict, I feel guilty for not treating that person well who is gone. I think I abused my strength and now I regret it., I feel guilty for having failed him when he needed me, I did not behave well with her.
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