VARICOSE VEINS, emotional and spiritual meaning

These are veins that dilate and become tortuous.
They are commonly found on the back of the calves or on the inside of the leg. 
They develop when the venous valves that allow blood to flow to the heart stop working properly. 
As a result, blood accumulates in the veins and causes dilations. 
They are more common among women (90%) than men.
The blood circulation represents our ability to feel and express emotions; it shows if we feel nourished, considered and reciprocated or, on the contrary, we feel stagnant, frustrated and unmotivated. 
It is also related to movement and the need to move, as well as the sense of individuality and self-worth within the family.

If I have varicose veins, they warn me that I am living in a family environment where communication is lacking. 

What is the dream of life that I had programmed and, because I am responsible for something or someone or because I have to do a task that does not correspond to me or that I did not have planned, have I stopped doing?
“I feel unable to tell my daughter that I do not want to take care of my grandchildren, because I want to attend a ceramic course”, 
“I feel unable to tell my mother that I do not want to take care of her, because my dream now is to accompany my husband at work and traveling together”

I feel tied down, devalued, unable to deny myself what my family expects me to do and I consider that I carry responsibilities that do not belong to me, that are not mine.

Likewise, they express to me a situation of devaluation and separation from home with a feeling of dirt.
Varicose veins almost always affect women who refused to follow family commandments, who did not want to follow the rules or beliefs. 
They rebelled and broke with family communication, but subsequently felt guilty for having separated from her, for not being what they expected of her and because her life is full of suffering and burdens.
“I feel guilty for going my own way”, 
“I am away from home”, 
“I am trapped in a situation”, 
“I want to go home, even though it is too late”, 
“I have been a fool, i should not leave my house or my family for that man (that woman)”, 
“My family does not understand that I chose my partner and that I am going to stay with him”,
“I cannot return home because my legal situation does not allow it”, 
“I would like to have contact with my family again, but I live in another city, in another country and I cannot ”, 
“There are too many things to clean in this family”

In the same way, they can inform me that I am experiencing a very unpleasant sexual conflict with my partner but, despite this, I cannot or do not want to return to the nest, to my home.

Varicose veins can also express that we feel overloaded and overworked, it is possible that we have the tendency to take care of everything, that we have many tasks to do (washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of grandchildren, etc.) that we find heavy, tedious and that we also feel great concern if we do not carry them out. 
To make matters worse, our husband does not help us, he treats us badly and we are the ones who must take care of him, so that he does not get angry. We’d love to run out of here, but we don’t!
Added to this is the fact that everything we do, we do out of duty, without joy.
“I feel drowned in this family”, 
“I never feel at peace at home”, 
“I am trapped in a situation”, 
“I am the servant of the house”, 
“I am tired of taking care of my grandchildren”, 
“I am I got sick of living with my husband”
With varicose veins we want to express that we need more time for ourselves, that we want more free time, that we want more freedom in our life, because we lack it.
Likewise, varicose veins can appear in people who, accustomed to living a good life, suddenly lose that level, either because they have gone to live with a humble partner, have been disinherited or disowned by the family.

In the same way, varicose veins can make us observe that we do not like our work or even annoy us; but we continue to do so because we are one of those people who force themselves to remain in a situation even if they hate it.

Men with varicose veins: it usually affects sensitive, feminine men, concerned about not breaking the family rules.
Or men who have been disinherited for having married a woman rejected by the family.
Or, perhaps, to those who have been denied or lost their last name, for having disobeyed family wishes.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
In order for circulation to re-establish, I need to change my attitude, my thoughts, and try to resolve this loss of communication with my family.
I must express my emotions, my wishes, without feeling guilty.
I have to resolve and face, communicate, to solve all the conflicts that keep me from my dreams and realize them.

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