CEREBROVASCULAR ACCIDENT (STROKE), emotional and spiritual meaning


It is a sudden stroke. It can occur in two well-differentiated ways: ischemic stroke (a significant decrease in blood flow in the brain, abnormally abrupt, which may be due to a clogged artery) or hemorrhagic stroke or cerebral hemorrhage caused by a ruptured vessel blood and the consequent effusion.
The thrombus has the sense of preventing me from using a part of my brain to discover the mystery of my clan that is hidden there.
“I want to block a part of my brain, so that I cannot use it, to prevent me from discovering the great secrets, the great problems of my family, because they are very painful and I don’t want to experience them”
“I block a part of my brain to minimize my ability to discover, to find the great secret, the great problem that surrounds my whole family.

A brain hemorrhage has the biological sense of increasing blood flow to increase its function. 

On the other hand, it also expresses my desire to want to flee from the family, (the clan’s symbolic blood escapes) in relation to or towards a mental context.
“I want to get the blood out of my head, expel someone from my family” “I want to break with my family or with a member of it”
For a cerebrovascular accident to occur, several conflicting circumstances must occur at the same time.
It is about living a very stressful situation, which has led me to think that it is preferable to die; coupled with a loss of territory, in which I have felt devalued with respect to another member of the family for having made a bad choice, for having evaluated or having made a wrong decision because of or to please a family member.
Other conflicts that can trigger a stroke:

Intellectual devaluation for not being able to face something or someone in an intellectual way:

“I cannot face this intellectual challenge” “I feel silly” “It did not give me the head to handle myself well”
Intellectual devaluation for wanting to correct, direct my destiny, take control of my life, my country, etc. with a deep fear for not having correctly evaluated the options or not having analyzed the possibilities. “I am overwhelmed”
I am experiencing an intellectual devaluation for fear of having thought badly, having reasoned badly or having done it badly.
“My reasoning was wrong and the consequences are dire”
I feel intellectually devalued for not having noticed something secret, something hidden.
The cerebrovascular accident mainly affects the elderly, who are close to retirement or who have reached it.

In many cases, when this stage of life is reached, you can feel a great devaluation because it represents a very important change. 

Generally, we are deprived of continuing to carry out our work (loss of territory) where we enjoyed a very defined role that brought us recognition and appreciation and that motivated us to move forward with enthusiasm.
And, on the other hand, we are forced to stay, most of the time, in our home, where we feel that we no longer occupy an important place within the family, since they have become used to living without us and do not need us so much.
This new status could unmotivated us and, little by little; make us lose the illusion and the reason to continue living, which can lead us to be at risk of suffering a cerebrovascular accident.

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