Emotional and spiritual meaning of RHINITIS

It is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa that causes sneezing, itching, obstruction, nasal secretions and, sometimes, a lack of smell.
Rhinitis is the biological repair of the mucosa, after the person has experienced a separation conflict with a sense of danger, at the olfactory level. 
“Something smells bad to me”
The person suffering from rhinitis has a tendency to be distrustful, negatively anticipates situations that have not yet taken place, dangers that have not yet become present; they live, unconsciously under suspicion, doubt. 

They believe that they can be fooled at any time and feel invaded by the feeling that “something smells bad to me”.

Rhinitis is the consequence of an upset referred to someone close or with respect to a situation that causes rejection, disgust, disgust. 
The person lives with anguish because he senses or smells something dangerous, dirty. 
He suspects that something is going on that may be offensive to him.
That is why rhinitis biologically expresses, through sneezing, the unconscious desire to remove or expel something or someone from the territory, from our surroundings.
Who do I suspect? Who do I think is cheating on me?
What event did I just find out and what had been hidden from me?
The rhinitis could have been triggered when our partner informed us that he had cheated on us or when our girlfriend informed us that our relationship had ended;
Or maybe someone, in some way, forced us to have sexual relations in a place where we were in danger of being seen or, perhaps, it manifested itself when our mother told us that she was divorcing our father, etc.
Although we have tried to hide or repress these experiences within ourselves, each year, when plants release their pollen, unconsciously, they rekindle our old wound.

Finally, we can use rhinitis as a means to avoid doing a task or going to a specific place, since we do not have enough courage to object and rhinitis may be the best evasive.

If it is chronic rhinitis: he tells me that I have experienced a circumstance of separation together with a conflict of “something that sucks”.
Non-allergic rhinitis: it speaks to us of separation, something smells bad and also in relation to the family clan (lack of affection).
Atrophic rhinitis: it tells us that we are living a separation from something that smells bad and also,
“I will never feel this fetid smell again”
Hypertrophic rhinitis: it warns us of a separation environment with respect to something that smells bad and also, with a notion of danger so I must anticipate and neutralize.
It is necessary to become aware of what or who is causing us fear, anger, disgust or rejection and face it with courage; take action and make the necessary changes to be consistent with ourselves.

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  1. Anonymous

    What happens when the actual odor is not symbolic but real? The place I live in actually has a very bad smell due to ventilation, walls, paint, god knows… And the irritation is real, and my nose instantly reacts. Should this be looked at spiritually or I just need to find my way out (which I unfortunately fail to do)?

  2. Joman Romero

    Hi, of course, in such a situation you should take external measures. However, if the stress it causes you is very high, try to find out if you experienced this situation or a similar one in your childhood and now it repeats itself. Internally, what we can do is try not to let stress overwhelm us while we find a solution.