ROSACEA, emotional and spiritual meaning


Rosacea is a type of acne that has little to do with common acne. It is not the sebaceous gland that acts, but the capillaries. 
It is characterized by the appearance of pink spots on the face that can transform into boils and pimples. 
Unlike common acne, it does not usually occur in people under 30 years of age. The most affected are adults, with fair complexions and especially women who are reaching the age of menopause.

The origin can be found in an experience that I lived in which I felt enormous shame for a matter of separation in which I had to intervene by putting or showing my face for someone or myself. 

Now, every time I experience a similar situation, my rosacea is reactivated. 
Did I have to talk to someone, confront him and I couldn’t? 
Or maybe I was forced to put up my face for someone?
It may be because you have felt “stained”, taint (really or symbolically) or have suffered an attack on your integrity that you have been disfigured or you have felt dirty. 
Perhaps you may have done something wrong, or you have been sexually abused and feel “stained” or perhaps you have witnessed “something dirty.” 

There is the feeling of being “dirty”, of no longer being worth as others, of not shining, either because others tell us or because, we think so.

Example: “you are/I am a pig” or “you are/I am a shit”, “I must eliminate (from my image, 
if it is about the face) everything that is negative, dangerous for me and bring good things”, “I want to eliminate what is dangerous for me, that is, femininity”, “I have to eliminate from my image what looks like my mother-father”
In the same way, it can express that I am not accepted and I feel separated from the clan and that is why I show my blood.
Or that I have difficulty receiving the affection, the love of others and I blush for it. “I need to be with my family”, “I am separated, excluded from the kisses of my clan”
“I must remove from my face the impression that I give of being a woman, being a man”
Also, rosacea can be linked to a situation related to alcoholism, because I am an alcoholic or because someone I love is an alcoholic and I feel ashamed.

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