DANDRUFF, emotional and spiritual meaning


This is the name given to the scales coming from the skin that come off from the base of the hair and have a grayish-white color.
The biological sense of this desquamation is to increase the possibility of contact.

Dandruff manifests itself after having suffered a separation that makes no sense to me and I want you to clarify it for me, to explain it to me, to stop pretending and speak clearly, to tell me the truth. 

Example: “I want my father to explain to me why he abandoned me, I did not understand why he did it, I do not understand it”, “I am separated and I do not accept the arguments “(in relation to the intelligentsia or the father).
Likewise, it may indicate to me that I feel a lack of recognition from my father. It is related to having had an absent, hard, indifferent, castrating, cold father, etc. whose attitude devalues ​​me. 
“My father does not recognize what I do”, “For my father I do not exist”, “My father always compares me with my brothers”, “I am not worth as much as others, in the eyes of my father”

It affects people with low self-esteem and excessive need to be recognized by others; they tend to devalue before the opinion of others.

It can also appear after having lived a situation that made me feel that I am unlucky. “I never win anything, I want my luck to change, I’m always unlucky”, “My boyfriend cheated on me, I’m unlucky in love”
If I have dandruff and, at the same time, my hair falls out, it tells me that I am living a conflict of separation from my father for an unjust cause.
When the desquamation occurs in babies it is called cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis and the origin must be sought in the Sense Project.
Normally, it is related to the separation of the parents during the pregnancy, be it emotional, physical, etc. 

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