CIRRHOSIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

Cirrhosis is the result of liver tissue after having suffered multiple inflammatory processes.
There is a hardening of the fabric that has been worn away, in order to be more resistant before it continues to change and ends up permanently losing its function.

Appears in the repair or the acceptance phase of a conflict of loss or lack suffered a long time ago:

“Something was unfairly taken from me”.
It is something that was mine, but life or God or someone took it from me.
(It could be my mom, my house, money, my wife, my son, etc.).
The person may drink alcohol because she was widowed, because she got divorced, or because she was abandoned, etc.
But the real conflict that damages his liver is that of “they took something from me”.

Cirrhosis can also be related to the hatred we feel towards a mother considered toxic:

“I would rather drown in alcohol than face my mother”.
In the same way, it can come from a conflict of lack of information about our origins, about our provenance:
“I live without knowing where I come from”.
Usually they are people who have been adopted.
Or, perhaps, because the mother died when he was very young.
Or, perhaps, because no one has told him about his birth and his roots.

The person suffering from cirrhosis is usually very attached to his past and has a deep fear of change: I am too attached to my things, money, objects, etc., and it costs me a lot to change.

I feel unable to grow, to advance in life, to renew myself, to adapt to new environments to new responsibilities, etc.
It is very important for people affected by cirrhosis to release their repressed emotions of anger and resentment.

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