HEART ATTACK, emotional and spiritual meaning

It manifests itself after an obstruction in one of the coronary arteries that produces ischemia or insufficient blood supply, in one of the parts of the heart tissue (myocardium).
A heart attack is a warning that I have lost the meaning of life. I have experienced an emotional / professional imbalance. 
Surely I am very focused only on the matter, on money and I have neglected my emotional, sentimental part, 
I have stopped enjoying family and friends, in short, life itself.

The heart attack usually occurs in a period of life in which I am immersed in a situation of very strong competition.

Or I am experiencing great financial pressure coupled with a feeling of lack of affection from the family and my close loved ones.
“I don’t feel loved”, “I don’t feel love towards me”
It can also indicate that I am experiencing a devaluation conflict with respect to my heart capacity.
I am or have been an athlete and I am no longer active, I have “always” considered not having a strong heart. 
“I won’t get it; my heart is not strong enough”, “I can’t run that race, it’s too much distance, my heart won’t hold”

It may be due to a biological conflict of loss of a territory, something that I consider mine.

It refers to a situation in which I have lost my field of action in the nucleus of my family, my company, my job, my house, my car, etc. 
That is, it is always about that place where I feel comfortable and at ease.
It may be an attack suffered in my “territory” or it may refer to the frustrated desire to be able to direct “my” territory or perhaps to the loss or possible direct loss of it.
“I have lost my company, my house, my partner, etc.”, “I want to continue being the boss, the owner”, “What the heck! I am at home…”
Why have you done this without consulting me?

It may also be due to the fact that I am living in a complicated situation because I do not want to or, perhaps, I cannot leave my territory.

If I am a left-handed person, the origin may be related to a sexual frustration that I am experiencing.
If I am right-handed, regardless of whether I am male or female (for left-handers the other way around):
Right artery: Related to a loss of external territory.
Left artery: It is related to a loss of interior territory.
Left heart: This is the biological solution to a conflict of masculine territory.
Right heart: It is the biological solution of a conflict of feminine territory.

The heart attack is a warning from my Being to warn me to take care of my tender part more.

The heart attack forces me, in some way, to do so, to pay more attention to my heart from now on.
How far am I able to feel love and express it to others?
Do I force myself to be “someone else” and do too much to prove to others who I am and what I am worth?
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