CYSTS, emotional and spiritual meaning


A cyst is a rounded formation that contains a fatty or liquid substance (usually soft), which does not communicate with the outside, nor does it have vascular connections.
It is a “frozen” emotional impact, which has not been resolved, but which has not continued either.
It has to do with the repair phase of a conflict of precise devaluation and an attack on our dignity or integrity, lived with rancor. 
The cyst, biologically, protects me from aggression.
If several cysts appear, it means that there have been several offenses that I have received.
It can be the consequence of resentment against the affective partner, for having been unjustly hurt.
“I refuse to forgive”
The cyst can also represent a blockage of a project, of a desire that I could not fulfill and lives embedded in me.
The cyst represents a regret that we accumulate, a pain or an injury from the past, which from time to time, comes to mind and we constantly feed it.
I must find out if in my childhood or adolescence, I received a blow, an unwanted touching, an attack in the place where the cyst manifests itself.
Or, perhaps, the victim was my mother while I was in her womb.
Or, perhaps, the person who received it was an ancestor with whom I have an affinity and it happened to him at the same age that it appears to me.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I must not live entrenched in the past, constantly feeding the old wound.

No injured person is healed by projecting his pain onto others.

Instead of blaming someone who hurt us, we must accept from the heart the situation that bothers us and feel the feelings involved, so that that blocked energy (anger, frustration, etc.) flows and becomes love. 
The healing process always takes place inside; the means par excellence is forgiveness.
The place where the cyst is located and its biological meaning will provide us with more detailed and specific information about our emotional blockage.
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  1. graliontorile

    I as well conceive thus, perfectly indited post! .

  2. Sunday J

    Hi, beautiful article, thank you for sharing. You mention that depending on the area of the cyst you could provide more information. What would you say the reason for a ganglion cyst on left wrist, below lefr thumb pad would represent?

    1. Joman Romero

      Hello, I suggest you read the label corresponding to the wrist and also the meaning of the thumb. The ganglion as well as the cyst are biological defense mechanisms of the unconscious. Regards