Allergies to pollen, mites, dust… emotional and spiritual meaning

Different types of allergies

Water allergy: Search memory for related accidents such as drowning, diving, suicide, etc.

Second, the water represents the mother. We will look for a problem with the mother or with her maternal role.

You can often find stories related to separations caused by divorce, illness, death, etc.

Sun allergy: the sun is the universal archetypal symbol of the father.

We have to look for experiences related to the father or to his paternal role.

A large number of cases relate to a physically absent parent due to separation, divorce, death, etc.

But it can also be due to a father physically present but symbolically absent due to depression or for any other reason.

Metal allergy: It may be an imposed contact or a separation conflict.

When it comes to a chronic allergy, look for dramatic family histories related to stabbing.

Alcohol allergy: They tell us about problems related to parents, continuous fights, divorces, etc.

The liquids refer to the mother, but the “fire” is related to the father, everything that goes up to heaven represents the father.

“I want a love very different from the one they have given me.”

Allergy or intolerance to gluten: (See celiac disease) Bread represents a key element of family life (family environment).

We will look for dramas related to the lack of family cohesion or separations from the family, parents, etc.

“They have thrown me out of my family” “I am separated from my family”

Pollen allergy: It warns us of situations of heartbreak, separations and sexual encounters that can lead to danger.

Allergy to animals: We will have to look for dramatic events where the animal to which we are allergic intervenes.

Likewise, it is necessary to take into account the symbolic meaning that the corresponding animal may have for the unconscious.

Allergic sinusitis: You have to look for conflicting situations in an environment that could be classified as harmful, impure, disgusting, unpleasant, dirty, etc.

Food allergies: Most allergies that are related to a specific food will lead us to a drama that occurred during a meal in which that food was present.

Drug allergy: we will go looking in the direction of a therapy that we have received and to which the drama is linked.

Allergy to substances that are in contact with the skin:

Beauty products, soaps and even allergies to the sun, water, and metals in general will guide us towards dramas caused by separations or problematic contacts.

Allergy to substances that are inhaled:

Such as pollens, grasses, mites, mold or animal hair will lead to a psycho-shock that occurred in a country house, on a farm with animals, being under or on a bed, etc.

The clinical signs will guide us very precisely towards the central origin of the allergy:

When the eyes are affected with tearing, itching, inflation, they will direct us towards a dramatic visual experience.

Not wanting or not being able to see or have lost sight of something or someone.

When the skin is affected with itching, eczema, urticaria, etc., we will look for conflicts related to separations.

The larynx, cough or laryngeal asthma, they will lead us to dramas in which fear has been very present.

If the affected ones are the bronchi, through bronchitis and asthma.

We must direct our investigation towards fights and screams in the family environment.

Or look at the family tree death of a member of the clan due to suffocation problems.

In the nose, they guide us towards conflicting experiences where the “harmful” factor stands out or “it smells very bad to me”.

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  1. Reyes Sojda

    I genuinely enjoy reading through on this web site, it has got great blog posts. “Don’t put too fine a point to your wit for fear it should get blunted.” by Miguel de Cervantes.

    1. Ozgur

      Hello Joman, what would be the reason of having allergy to chemical products such as detergents. And what does it say if we have too many allergies? That we are fighting the world?

      1. Joman Romero

        Hello Ozgur, you have to find out if you had a separation experience while you were handling these products. Regards