TWISTED ANKLE, emotional and spiritual meaning

Twisted Ankle; they tell me about an emotional conflict that is active and present the moment I twist my ankle and warns me that:

“This is not the right way”.

To find out the specific cause, it is necessary to analyze in depth the moment in which it occurred.

That is: the time, the day, what I am doing at that precise moment, if I am walking to a certain place, etc.

At the same time, I will have to review my life, my desires, my goals because the message that you want to give me is that I am on the wrong path, either in life or at that specific moment.

Twist come from doing something I don’t want to do or going somewhere I don’t want to go.

“There is a direction or something, that they impose on me, and a direction or something different, that I want to take or do”,

“I am not taking the right path”,

“I’m not on the right track”

Example: a salesperson goes to visit his client and is thinking, what an annoyance to have to try again to convince this person to buy my product.

I don’t like to insist, but the company sets goals for me; this job exhausts me, I don’t like it, I want to change jobs.

The twist gives me the necessary justification to stop and not continue doing what annoys me so much.

In right-handed people, right ankle: it means that I am going in a direction in which I betray my fundamental values.

“I’m going astray to please my partner or my father”

In the left ankle: it expresses to me that I am going in a direction in which I am alone.

“I follow a path in which I feel that no one supports me”,

“I do not feel the support of my mother or my children in this path”

The path or direction can refer to what I do, my tastes, my habits, my life, etc.

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